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Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton

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Episode Name
The Power of the Daleks EE 5 Nov, 1966
The Highlanders FF 17 Dec, 1966
The Underwater Menace GG 14 Jan, 1967
The Moonbase HH 11 Feb, 1967
The Macra Terror JJ 11 Mar, 1967
The Faceless Ones KK 8 Apr, 1967
The Evil of the Daleks LL 20 May, 1967
The Tomb of the Cybermen MM 2 Sep, 1967
The Abominable Snowmen NN 30 Sep, 1967
The Ice Warriors OO 11 Nov, 1967
The Enemy of the World PP 23 Dec, 1967
The Web of Fear QQ 3 Feb, 1968
Fury from the Deep RR 16 Mar, 1968
The Wheel in Space SS 27 Apr, 1968
The Dominators TT 10 Aug, 1968
The Mind Robber UU 14 Sep, 1968
The Invasion VV 2 Nov, 1968
The Krotons WW 28 Dec, 1968
The Seeds of Death XX 25 Jan, 1969
The Space Pirates YY 8 Mar, 1969
The War Games ZZ 19 Apr, 1969

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