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Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison

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Episode Name
Castrovalva 5Z 4 Jan, 1982
Four to Doomsday 5W 18 Jan, 1982
Kinda 5Y 1 Feb, 1982
The Visitation 5X 15 Feb, 1982
Black Orchid 6A 1 Mar, 1982
Earthshock 6B 8 Mar, 1982
Time Flight 6C 22 Mar, 1982
Arc of Infinity 6E 3 Jan, 1983
Snakedance 6D 17 Jan, 1983
Mawdryn Undead 6F 1 Feb, 1983
Terminus 6G 15 Feb, 1983
Enlightenment 6H 1 Mar, 1983
The King's Demons 6J 15 Mar, 1983
The Five Doctors  6K 25 Nov, 1983
Warriors of the Deep 6L 4 Jan, 1984
The Awakening 6M 19 Jan, 1984
Frontios 6N 26 Jan, 1984
Resurrection of the Daleks 6P 8 Feb, 1984
Planet of Fire 6Q 23 Feb, 1984
The Caves of Androzani 6R 8 Mar, 1984

Audio Adventures

Story title
PhantasmagoriaBFP Dr Who Adventures 2October 1999
Cobwebs BFP Dr Who Adventures 136 July 2010
The Whispering ForestBFP Dr Who Adventures 137August 2010
The Cradle of the SnakeBFP Dr Who Adventures 138September 2010
1963: Fanfare for the Common MenBFP Dr Who Adventures 178September 2013

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