The Battle of Demons Run - Two Days Later

Original Airdate: 25 Mar, 2013

[Demons Run]

JENNY: Strax. Strax. Strax. Strax.
COMPUTER: Warning. Evacuating.
STRAX: Leave me.
COMPUTER: Warning. Evacuating.
STRAX: Go on. You must leave me here to die.
JENNY: You're not dying, Strax.
STRAX: It's fine. Don't worry. It's a glorious thing for a Sontaran to die in battle.
VASTRA: The battle was two days ago. You've made a full recovery.
STRAX: No, I haven't.
JENNY: We've healed your wounds. You're completely fine.
STRAX: Nonsense! That was definitely a fatal shot. I didn't stand a chance.
JENNY: I think you just fainted.
STRAX: Silence, boy.
VASTRA: The station is being evacuated. We're all being returned to our proper times and places. We wondered if you would like to come with us.
JENNY: We're from London, 1888.
STRAX: What of it? Is there something there for me?
VASTRA: A welcome.
VASTRA: We fought together, didn't we, side by side as comrades?
JENNY: And we couldn't help noticing you do seem to be alone.
STRAX: I am accustomed to solitude.
VASTRA: As are we. Jenny here has been ostracised by her family because of, well, let's just say preferences in companionship. I'm the last of my kind as you are the only one of yours. A Sontaran who fought bravely in the best of causes.
STRAX: I thank you for your offer, but cannot accept, as you are putrescent alien filth.
VASTRA: Indeed. We thought that would be a difficulty. Come along, Jenny. Time to go home.
(Vastra and Jenny walk away, arm in arm.)
STRAX: Although. This planet of which you speak, London, what do you do there?
JENNY: Solve crimes.
VASTRA: Protect the Empire.
JENNY: There's quite a lot of running.
VASTRA: Some spectacular dresses.
JENNY: And an awful lot of fun.
STRAX: I suppose I could make a preliminary reconnaissance of this London place. It may need to be assessed for military protection.
VASTRA: That's the spirit.
STRAX: Thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to obliterating you both in the name of the Sontaran Empire. I'm not an expert on alien species, but you're both women ones, aren't you?
VASTRA: It has been noted.
STRAX: Don't you need a man one?
STRAX: Am I the man one?
STRAX: So, dresses, then.

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