Mission date: Jan 10, 2153
Original Airdate: 16 Apr, 2003

{Enterprise's 'sweet spot']

(Travis is relaxing and reading a book in zero gravity.)
HOSHI [OC]: Bridge to Mayweather.
TRAVIS: Mayweather.
HOSHI [OC] The captain wants you to report to the Bridge. Admiral Forrest called a few minutes ago. We're reversing course.
TRAVIS: I'm on my way.

[Situation room]

T'POL: The planet's orbit has shifted, taking it between two gas giants. Their gravitational pull is causing its core to superheat.
ARCHER: Starfleet thinks it will be covered with erupting volcanoes by the end of the week.
TRAVIS: This system's almost thirty light years behind us.
ARCHER: Admiral Forrest assures me it's only a temporary detour.
TUCKER: Some geologic fireworks. Could be fun.
ARCHER: Set a course.
TRAVIS: Aye, sir.

[Ready room]

ARCHER: Come in.
TRAVIS: Do you have a minute, sir?
ARCHER: Several, actually. Please. What's on your mind?
TRAVIS: I was wondering if I could make a personal request.
ARCHER: Of course.
TRAVIS: My family's ship, the Horizon, we're going to be passing close to it. I wouldn't mind going by for a visit. It's about ten hours off our flight path. Enterprise can still get to the planet with time to spare. You could pick me up on the way back.
ARCHER: I think we can manage without you for a few days.
TRAVIS: Thank you, sir.
ARCHER: Your folks'll be surprised to see you.
TRAVIS: My father's been ill for a few months.
ARCHER: Nothing serious, I hope.
TRAVIS: My mother said he'll be fine. She's the ship's medic.
ARCHER: I thought you told me your mother was the chief engineer.
(Both sit.)
TRAVIS: She's both.
ARCHER: I guess they have to wear a lot of hats to keep those old ships running.
TRAVIS: My grandfather held the record. Five jobs at one time, two of them on the bridge.
ARCHER: There was a time when I gave serious thought to serving on a cargo ship.
TRAVIS: You, sir?
ARCHER: It was a few years before Starfleet was chartered.
TRAVIS: Why didn't you sign up?
ARCHER: Long story. I'll tell you the next time we have breakfast. After we dock, I'll have Phlox go over with you, have him take a look at your father.
TRAVIS: I'd appreciate that, sir.


TUCKER: You'll be glad to hear the thermal scanners are up and running.
T'POL: And the imaging relays?
TUCKER: Yep. We'll drop six of them in high orbit. That should give us a bird's-eye view of every volcano on the planet. You know, there's not going to be a lot to do once we get there. Sensors will record everything automatically.
T'POL: You should have plenty of time to practice your harmonica.
TUCKER: I've talked Chef into doing something special. Starting Tuesday, it's going to be movie night every night. Thought you might be interested, seeing how you enjoyed that western. We're going to be showing the three greatest horror movies ever made. Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein and Son of Frankenstein. We might even throw in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.
T'POL: I have no interest in horror movies.
TUCKER: How do you know if you've never seen one? You don't have to see all of them. Just come the first night. I promise you'll like it. Reanimated life forms, science run amok, they're right up your alley.

[Mess hall]

REED: Four years isn't so long. My last family reunion was almost a decade ago.
TRAVIS: Starfleet really ought to think about putting families on starships.
REED: You must be joking.
TRAVIS: No one would ever get homesick.
REED: Yes. Well, they'd better post a psychologist onboard because I'd need one if my parents were roaming the corridors.
TRAVIS: On a cargo ship, you can't walk ten metres without running into your baby-sitter or a great-aunt.
HOSHI [OC]: Bridge to Ensign Mayweather.
TRAVIS: (gets communicator out of pocket) Go ahead.
HOSHI [OC]: We've gotten a response from the Horizon. It's your mother.
TRAVIS: Thanks, Hoshi. Put it through to my quarters.

Captain's personal log, January 10, 2153. We're on course for our rendezvous with the Horizon. Unfortunately, I've just received word that Ensign Mayweather's family is facing an unexpected tragedy.

[Enterprise's 'sweet spot']

ARCHER: Mind if I join you?
TRAVIS: Of course not.
ARCHER: I haven't been up here since we launched. Come here a lot?
TRAVIS: Every now and then.
ARCHER: Commander Tucker told me what happened. I'm sorry.
TRAVIS: My mother sent a message to Starfleet six weeks ago, but I never got it.
ARCHER: The civilian channels can be pretty slow.
TRAVIS: I should have called him. We were in comm. range a few months ago. I guess I wasn't ready to talk to him yet. He wasn't very happy with me when I joined Starfleet. He'd been grooming me for his job since I was kid.
ARCHER: I'm sure it wasn't easy for him when you left, but I know for a fact that he was proud of you.
TRAVIS: With all respect, sir, I'm not so sure he was.
ARCHER: Did he ever tell you about the letter he sent me? It was almost two and a half years ago. There were a few candidates I was looking at for helm officer. I was having a little trouble deciding, so I contacted their former COs hoping for a more personal evaluation.
TRAVIS: What did he say?
ARCHER: He wrote the shortest recommendation. Just one sentence. He said he'd never met a more natural stick and rudder man in his life and I'd be a fool if I didn't choose you. When I saw how you handled yourself at the helm, I knew he was right.
TRAVIS: I wish he would have told me that.


PHLOX: As I suspected, it's nothing more than a simple headache.
T'POL: I was hoping for something more serious.
T'POL: I've been coerced into watching tonight's movie.

(Phlox gives her a hypospray.)

PHLOX: If you're looking for a medical excuse, I'm afraid you're out of luck. If it's any consolation, I'll be there as well. I agree this form of entertainment is rather crude, but it can often provide an enlightening glimpse into human behaviour.
T'POL: Don't be surprised if you see me here again afterwards. I have little doubt my headache will return.


(Enterprise has rendezvoused with the Horizon.)
TUCKER: Just a quick tour of the engine room. That's all I'm asking.
TRAVIS: The Horizon's fifty years old. I'm sure you've seen far more impressive warp reactors.
TUCKER: Zephram Cochrane designed that engine himself. I've heard rumours that he personally signed the inside of each reactor casing. Oh, almost forgot.
(They reach the airlock, and Trip hands over a PADD.)
TRAVIS: What's this?
TUCKER: A few family photos. I downloaded every picture I've taken since we left Spacedock. Thought your mom might like to see what her boy's been up to.
TRAVIS: Thank you, sir.
TUCKER: You bet.

[Horizon corridor]

TRAVIS: I wouldn't call it a dangerous mission. We've gotten into a few skirmishes, but nothing we couldn't handle.
RIANNA: I got a letter from your sister. She said you mentioned a close call with some kind of storm.
TRAVIS: We ran into a small wavefront a few months ago. The crew had to squeeze into one of the nacelles for a couple of days. She probably made it sound worse than it was.
RIANNA: She also mentioned something about alien soldiers forcing their way aboard.
TRAVIS: It was really just a misunderstanding. They thought Enterprise had been abandoned. Captain Archer convinced them to leave.
RIANNA: I guess there's no point in asking you about the Romulan minefield.
TRAVIS: How'd you know about that?
RIANNA: I've been serving on cargo ships for a long time. I've made a few contacts here and there.
VOICE [OC]: Stand by to go to warp.
(They brace them selves for the jolt and judders.)
TRAVIS: Charlie must be at the helm.
RIANNA: What makes you say that?
TRAVIS: His warp jumps were always a little rough. Where are we headed?
RIANNA: Deneva station. Just a quick run to pick up supplies. We'll have you back in plenty of time.
MAN: (doing some welding) Watch your step, ma'am. Travis?
(They embrace.)
MAN: Haven't seen you for a while. Did you lock yourself in a cargo container again?
TRAVIS: Do you always have to bring that up?
MAN: It's good to see you. If you're not busy tonight, stop by the Mess.
TRAVIS: I will.
(They carry on further down the corridor then Travis turns left.)
RIANNA: Did you forget your way?
TRAVIS: Guest quarters are over here.
RIANNA: You're not assigned to guest quarters.

[Room B6]

TRAVIS: I thought my room had been reassigned.
RIANNA: It was, but they didn't mind giving it up for a few days. We don't get VIPs very often. I found some of your old things. Thought you might feel more at home.
TRAVIS: I can't believe you kept this. (a paper starchart up on the wall)
RIANNA: You stayed up all night for a month, mapping every system you planned to visit when you grew up.
TRAVIS: I've still got a ways to go.
RIANNA: I'm glad you're home.
TRAVIS: Me, too. (they hug) We're going to get through this, Mom.
RIANNA: Those plasma injectors aren't going to align themselves. I should go. After you've settled in, come by the Engine room. Some people want to say hello.

[Cargo module]

PAUL: Transfer these canisters over to Module Four.
TRAVIS: Are you sure you're old enough to drive that thing?
PAUL: An ensign ought to salute before addressing a captain.
TRAVIS: Acting captain. Don't let it go to your head.
PAUL: (to crewman) I'll catch up with you in a few minutes.
(The brothers hug.)
TRAVIS: The jacket looks good on you.
PAUL: Thanks. Didn't think I'd be wearing it this soon.
TRAVIS: Business must be good. I've never seen this module so full.
PAUL: The biggest problem these days is keeping track of everything. Dad kept a lot of the inventory in his head. I'm trying to reconstruct the database. We still can't find the stromatopod larvae we're supposed to be delivering to the Demerians. I only hope they didn't end up in cold storage.
TRAVIS: If you need me to help out with anything.
PAUL: Thanks, but we can handle it. You're on leave. I'm not going to put you to work.
TRAVIS: See you at dinner?
(Paul nods, and Travis goes to leave.)
PAUL: Travis. You might want to change into something a little less conspicuous.


(There's a red-headed woman with a pony-tail at the helm.)
T'POL: I've deployed the imaging relays.
ARCHER: How long until the show begins?
T'POL: Approximately thirty hours. The holometric camera still need to be calibrated.
TUCKER: I can help with that.
ARCHER: Get started. I'd like to share our pictures with Starfleet, give Admiral Forrest a front-row seat.
HOSHI: Echo Three's within range. It shouldn't be too hard to set up a downlink.

[Situation room]

TUCKER: So, you coming tonight?
T'POL: If the sensors are calibrated by then.
TUCKER: Well, you'd better make up your mind. Seats are going to fill up fast.
T'POL: According to the database, Frankenstein is also a work of literature.
TUCKER: Mary Shelley wrote it, the wife of a famous poet.
T'POL: Perhaps a dramatic reading would be more illuminating.
TUCKER: You expect a Mess hall full of crewmen to sit still while someone reads to them?
T'POL: They'd be more likely to appreciate the author's true intent.
TUCKER: You want to start a book club, go right ahead. You're going to be there tonight, aren't you, sir?
ARCHER: Wouldn't miss it.
TUCKER: I'll save you some popcorn. (leaves)
ARCHER: Might be a good idea for you to go, too. It might be fun, and a little fraternising couldn't hurt.
T'POL: I don't understand how sitting silently in a darkened room constitutes fraternising.
ARCHER: It's a communal experience. Tell you what, let's make a night of it. Dinner in the Captain's Mess eighteen hundred, movie at nineteen thirty. You'll be my date.
T'POL: I beg your pardon?
ARCHER: I'll be a perfect gentleman. And if you don't like the movie, I'll never ask you to sit through another one.

[Horizon Bridge]

TRAVIS: All right, try it now. (helmsman nods) I've increased the range of the navigation sensors. The helm will make course corrections a lot quicker.
PAUL: What's wrong?
TRAVIS: I'm just working on a few upgrades.
PAUL: I don't remember asking for any upgrades.
TRAVIS: You were busy. I didn't want to bother you. You're going to love this. You know those port stabilisers that were always acting up? Before I left, I spoke with Commander Tucker.
PAUL: Commander Tucker.
TRAVIS: Our Chief Engineer, on Enterprise. He showed me how to reconfigure the spatial discriminators. Shouldn't give you any more trouble.
PAUL: What's going to happen if these improvements of yours go offline? You'll be back on your Starfleet ship, out of comm. range. Who's going to fix it? I'd prefer it if you didn't modify any more systems without discussing it with me.
TRAVIS: Whatever you say, sir.
PAUL: Maybe you can stop by Engineering, build us a warp five engine.

[Room B6]

(Travis is lying on the bed, looking at his childhood starchart.)
TRAVIS: Come in.
NORA: (blonde woman with pony-tail) I heard we had a visitor.
TRAVIS: Word travels fast.
(They embrace.)
NORA: I still can't believe he's gone. I'm so sorry, Travis.
TRAVIS: Thanks.

(She sees one of his old toys.)

NORA:  Aren't you a little old for this?
TRAVIS: I don't know. I thought it might be fun to regress for a while. What do you say we turn off the grav-plating and jump on the bed?
NORA: And get grounded again? That wouldn't look too good on your Starfleet record. How's Enterprise?
TRAVIS: Keeps us busy. We've gone a hundred and fifty light years, seen twenty two inhabited worlds.
NORA: In eighteen months?
TRAVIS: You can't believe what's out there.
NORA: Columbus, Magellan, Travis Mayweather. How long are you home for?
TRAVIS: Just a few days.
NORA: Any chance of getting an extended leave?
TRAVIS: I'm afraid not. I doubt Magellan got much time off, either. What's wrong?
NORA: I don't mean to spoil your visit, but things haven't exactly been running like clockwork since your father died.
TRAVIS: What do you mean?
NORA: We missed a rendezvous with an Orion freighter two weeks ago. The Cargo Authority wasn't too pleased. We're also low on deuterium. We've had to dip into the reserves twice this month. Morale's been better, Travis. Horizon's lost its captain, and some of the crew are starting to wonder if Paul's ready for the job. You might have noticed he's been a little on edge.
TRAVIS: He's always on edge.
NORA: More than usual.
TRAVIS: My mother hasn't mentioned any of this.
NORA: I guess she didn't want to worry you.
TRAVIS: He's only been in command a few weeks. Give him a chance. He'll grow into it.
NORA: I hope you're right. I'm sure this is the last thing you wanted to hear right now, but I thought you should know.
TRAVIS: Thanks.
(The ship judders.)
TRAVIS: Charlie at the helm?
NORA: Just a little spatial turbulence. You've gotten spoiled on Enterprise.
(A harder judder, then another.)
TRAVIS: That's no turbulence.
(They are being shot at by two ships.)

[Horizon Bridge]

JUAN: Hull fracture in Module three. We're venting atmosphere.
PAUL: Seal it off. Try hailing them again.
(Travis enters.)
JUAN: They're still not responding.
TRAVIS: What's going on?
PAUL: We're under attack.
TRAVIS: By who?
PAUL: I don't know.
JUAN: Should I arm the plasma turrets?
PAUL: No. Transfer reserve power to the hull plating. We need to get out of their weapons range. Go to maximum warp.
TRAVIS: You're hauling thirty thousand metric tons. You're not going to be able to outrun them.
PAUL: You heard me.
JUAN: Yes, sir. Warp one point six, one point seven, warp one point eight
(The old tub is shaking a lot.)
TRAVIS: They're still closing.
PAUL: A little more.
JUAN: One point eight five.
(The ships fire three more shots at the Horizon, then something that lands on the hull and starts blinking.)
JUAN: They're moving off.
PAUL: Reduce speed to one point five.
(The shaking stops.)
TRAVIS: They attached something to the hull.
PAUL: Show me.
(The viewscreen shows the thing with it's flashing red light.)
JUAN: It's emitting a subspace signal. Could be some kind of beacon.
PAUL: Call Engineering. Tell them to get someone out there to pry it off.
TRAVIS: I wouldn't recommend that. This is a dicobalt signature, a high-yield explosive. If anyone gets too close, it might decide to go off.
(Senior staff gather at the back of the small Bridge to see a display on a monitor.)
JUAN: The Constellation sent us this. This ship attacked them eight weeks ago and it planted a beacon on their hull. A day later, this cruiser showed up and demanded their cargo. The Constellation tried to drive them off, but the aliens got aboard and killed three of their crew. Then they took the entire shipment.
TRAVIS: What kind of weapons does the Constellation have?
JUAN: Two plasma turrets, same as us.
PAUL: There has to be a way to remove that beacon.
RIANNA: I wouldn't risk it. If it detonates, you could lose the nacelle.
PAUL: If we jettison a few tons of that ore, can we increase to warp two?
RIANNA: I don't see why not.
PAUL: That should allow us to reach Deneva Station ahead of schedule. It's well-armed, we should be safe there.
TRAVIS: What happens if they come back before we arrive?
PAUL: There's no other choice. We can't shoot our way out of this.

(Travis studies the schematic on the monitor.)

TRAVIS: I've seen this kind of engine configuration before. It's not that different from a Mazarite ship.
RIANNA: Mazarite?
TRAVIS: We had some trouble with them. We managed to knock out their engines with our phase cannons.
PAUL: We don't have phase cannons.
TRAVIS: I can tie the plasma turrets directly into the impulse engines. Lieutenant Reed did that and it increased our yield by eighty percent.
PAUL: I'm not going to risk all of our lives by getting into a fight we can't win. If they reach us before we make it to Deneva, we'll give them what they want.
TRAVIS: If there's one thing I've learned from Captain Archer, it's that you don't give in to people like this. You're only going to encourage more attacks, not just against you, but other cargo ships.
PAUL: I appreciate the advice, but this isn't your problem. You're not part of this crew anymore. Jettison that ore and increase our speed.
RIANNA: (to Travis) Even your father had to make compromises. The safest thing to do is give them what they want. Cargo can be replaced.

[Mess hall]

(The 1931 classic version of Frankenstein is showing, and we're up to the reanimation scene.)
DOCTOR F: [on screen]: Fool. If this storm develops as I hope, you'll have plenty to be afraid of before the night's over. Go on, fix the electrodes. This storm will be magnificent. All the electrical secrets of heaven. This time we're ready, eh, Fritz? Ready.
(Phlox is attentive and eating popcorn, but T'Pol is reading a PADD instead.)
ARCHER: What are you doing?
T'POL: I'm reviewing this morning's sensor data.
ARCHER: I thought you were going to give this a chance.
DOCTOR F [on screen]: Just a few stitches. And look, here's the final touch. A brain you stole, Fritz. Think of it, the brain of a dead man.
PHLOX: This Doctor Frankenstein, his technique is not dissimilar to a practice on B'Saari Two. They successfully used an isolytic current to reanimate the bodies of the recently deceased.
TUCKER: Really.
PHLOX: Of course, the revived individuals weren't capable of more than basic cellular metabolism. However, the B'Saari have developed a procedure that shows promise in repairing the synaptic
T'POL: (turning around) We can stop the film if it's disturbing your conversation.
DOCTOR F [on screen]: In fifteen minutes, the storm should be at its height.
(Archer offers T'Pol some popcorn, and she accepts it.)
DOCTOR F [on screen]: Then we'll be ready. What's that noise?

[Horizon Bridge]

JUAN: Captain? Looks like someone's rerouting the impulse relays.
PAUL: Where?
JUAN: Module five.
PAUL: You have the Bridge.

[Module five]

(Travis is working at a wall panel when Paul storms in.)
PAUL: I thought I made myself clear.
TRAVIS: If those aliens come back, you'll thank me.
PAUL: I told you, I'm not going to take this ship into battle.
TRAVIS: You may not have a choice.
PAUL: I didn't ask for your opinion, and I didn't approve your modifications. Stop what you're doing.
PAUL: You heard me.
TRAVIS: I didn't mean to undermine your authority.
PAUL: Really.
TRAVIS: But you're being unreasonable. I just want us to be prepared.
PAUL: Us? You keep talking as if you're a part of this crew.
TRAVIS: It's still my home.
PAUL: You turned your back on us a long time ago.
TRAVIS: Is that what this is about? Me leaving? If you want to be an effective captain, you've got to set your personal feelings aside, listen to what other people have to say.
PAUL: More words of wisdom from Starfleet?
TRAVIS: No, your father. He said that to me a long time ago. If he was here now, he'd tell you the same thing.
PAUL: You quoting Dad? You never listened to him. If you had, you wouldn't have abandoned your family. You barely spoke to him for the last four years. You weren't even here when he died.
TRAVIS: That isn't fair.
PAUL: You knew he was sick, but you didn't really care. You only decided to stop by because it was convenient for you. Hostile aliens aren't our problem, it's Starfleet and people like you. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find new crewmen? No one wants to run freight anymore. They all want to be explorers cruising around on state of the art ships with their personal chefs.
TRAVIS: You want to stand around feeling sorry for yourself, go ahead. I've got better things to do.
PAUL: Take those upgrades offline. I'll confine you to quarters if I have to.
TRAVIS: I'm just trying to help you, Paul. In case you haven't noticed, you could use a little help right now.
PAUL: I don't want your help.
TRAVIS: You want to take them offline? Do it yourself. 

[Horizon mess]

RIANNA: I understand you made a few modifications to the impulse relays. Next time, you might want to check with me. I am the Chief Engineer.
TRAVIS: I knew how Paul would react. I didn't want to drag you into it.
RIANNA: I've played referee between you and your brother for a long time.
TRAVIS: (picking at his food) Never thought I'd actually miss these.
RIANNA: Nutri-paks?
TRAVIS: Not just any Nutri-pak, strawberry shortcake. The first time I tasted real shortcake was in San Francisco. It just wasn't the same.
RIANNA: I think they've ruined your taste buds.
TRAVIS: I wouldn't mind eating like this again. I'm thinking about asking for an extended leave. I'm sure Captain Archer would approve, considering.
RIANNA: How long would you stay?
TRAVIS: As long as I'm needed.
RIANNA: But you're needed on your ship.
TRAVIS: I'm not the only helm officer.
RIANNA: Even if your captain agrees, it could be a long time before Enterprise is back this way again.
TRAVIS: There's a lot for me to do here. I can help upgrade the guidance and warp systems. With a little luck, we could make Horizon the fastest J-class in the fleet.
RIANNA: You're going to give up your career, move back home and take orders from your brother?
TRAVIS: My career's the last thing on my mind right now.
RIANNA: Congratulations. Now you know what it's like to be a parent. I could spend every waking minute worrying about you two, but I'd never get any work done.
TRAVIS: He's not ready, Mum.
RIANNA: You should've seen your father when he took over. He was a year younger than Paul is now. He was an engineer. He didn't know the first thing about running a Bridge. We fell so far behind schedule, he almost lost his ECA license. He wanted to quit. I wouldn't let him. Your brother just needs some time.
TRAVIS: You don't think I should stay.
RIANNA: Didn't we have this conversation? It was right here in this room, four years ago, when you first thought about joining Starfleet.
TRAVIS: A lot has changed in four years, Mum.
RIANNA: That's true, and a lot more's going to change. Will we be talking about this again in another four years? You're the helmsman of the first warp five starship. I'm proud of you. Everyone here is. Even Paul, though he won't admit it. If you'll indulge a little motherly advice, don't let your guilt over leaving guide your decision.
TRAVIS: I'll try to keep that in mind. Good night.
(He kisses her.)
RIANNA: Night.

[Captain's mess]

TUCKER: I find it hard to believe that no one on Vulcan's ever heard of a horror movie.
T'POL: There is something similar. a discipline known as tarul-etek. It uses disturbing imagery to provoke an emotional response.
ARCHER: They try and scare you to see how well you suppress your emotions.
T'POL: I don't understand why humans would feel compelled to frighten themselves.
ARCHER: Gets the heart pumping.
T'POL: Cardiovascular activity would be more efficient.
ARCHER: You never did give us your opinion of the movie.
T'POL: There were many medical inaccuracies.
TUCKER: What did you think of the story?
T'POL: I thought the protagonist was interesting.
TUCKER: Doctor Frankenstein.
T'POL: No, his creation. From my perspective, this was the story of an individual persecuted by humans because he was different.
TUCKER: That's one way of looking at it.
T'POL: In many ways, the film seemed quite prophetic. The reaction of the villagers, for example. It was similar to the reception Vulcans received after landing on Earth.
ARCHER: I don't recall anyone greeting a Vulcan ambassador with torches and pitchforks.
T'POL: Nevertheless, many humans reacted with fear and anger.
ARCHER: They didn't know what to expect.
T'POL: I'm going to recommend that Ambassador Soval watch the film.
TUCKER: You're kidding.
T'POL: I believe it would help Vulcans who've recently arrived on Earth.
ARCHER: Maybe inviting her to movie night wasn't such a great idea.
T'POL: On the contrary. I'm looking forward to Bride of Frankenstein.
HOSHI [OC]: Bridge to Captain Archer.
ARCHER: Go ahead.
HOSHI [OC]: You might want to look out the window, sir.
(Volcanoes are erupting very violently.)


(The ship shakes briefly.)
REED: Thermal shear. Some of those eruptions are getting close to Enterprise.
ARCHER: Take us up another five thousand kilometres.
HELM: Aye, sir.
T'POL: Captain. I'm reading biosigns on the planet. To quote Doctor Frankenstein, it's alive.
ARCHER: I thought it was uninhabited.
T'POL: It appears that several microbial species which live underground are being unearthed by the volcanic activity.
ARCHER: See what you can learn about them.

[Horizon Bridge]

(The expected cruiser has arrived.)
PAUL: Full power to the hull plating.
JUAN: We're being hailed.
PAUL: This is Captain Mayweather of the ECS Horizon.
ALIEN [on viewscreen]: (grey skin, slightly beaky mouth) Prepare to surrender your vessel and evacuate the crew.
PAUL: I'll give you our cargo, but not our ship.
ALIEN [on viewscreen]: You won't be harmed if you co-operate. Drop out of warp.
PAUL: We're dozens of light years from our homeworld. There has to be some compromise we can
(The alien ends the transmission.)
TRAVIS: They're charging weapons.
PAUL: Bring the weapon upgrades online. Still think you can disable their engines?
TRAVIS: If I can get a clear shot, but I can't do that as long as they're behind us.
JUAN: They've hit Module five.
TRAVIS: It's going to be tough to manoeuvre with thirty kilotons of cargo. We've got to cut it loose.
RIANNA: Engineering, stand by to release the primary clamps.
PAUL: You do remember how to fly this ship.
TRAVIS: I'm sure it'll come back to me.
(He takes over from Juan.)
PAUL: Take us out of warp. Release the clamps.
TRAVIS: They're closing. Forty metres, thirty.
RIANNA: Just a few more clamps.
TRAVIS: Ten metres.
(The cargo tug flies free of the modules, with the cruiser in pursuit and firing.)
RIANNA: Starboard plating's down.
PAUL: Travis.
(He loops the loop to come up behind the cruiser and do a strafing run, but they also get a hit.)
RIANNA: Hull plating's gone.
TRAVIS: I'm coming around again.
(More carefully placed shots and the cruiser grinds to a halt.)
JUAN: Their weapons are going down.
PAUL: Keep our turrets locked on them. Open a channel. This is Captain Mayweather. I'd think twice before attacking any of our ships again. Re-dock with the cargo section, then get us out of here.
TRAVIS: Aye, Captain.

[Room B6]

(Travis is back in Starfleet uniform and packing to leave.)
TRAVIS: Come in.
PAUL: All packed?
TRAVIS: Wouldn't want to wear out my welcome.
PAUL: I got a message from Enterprise. They're running ahead of schedule. We'll be docking in about twenty minutes.
TRAVIS: If you like, I'll speak with Lieutenant Reed. I'm sure he can help you remove that alien beacon.
PAUL: Thanks. So, did you ever make it to Trelkis Three?
PAUL: Trelkis Three, the planet with the multi-centric rings. You used to talk about it when we were growing up.
TRAVIS: We haven't travelled quite that far.
PAUL: When you do, how about sending me a subspace postcard.
TRAVIS: You can count on it. (they shake hands)
PAUL: Well, I'd better get back to the Bridge. See you in another four years?
TRAVIS: Maybe sooner.
PAUL: I'd like that.


ARCHER: Welcome back.
(He shakes Travis' hand)
TRAVIS: Thank you, sir.
(they walk along the corridor)
ARCHER: How's your family?
TRAVIS: They're okay.
ARCHER: We spotted some damage on their port cargo modules.
TRAVIS: Probably an old meteorite impact.
ARCHER: You sure everything's all right?
TRAVIS: Never better, sir.

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