The Expanse
Mission date: Apr 24, 2153
Original Airdate: 21 May, 2003

(A round metallic object comes out of nowhere and stops above the Earth. A yellow, flame-like beam is emitted. It strikes the ground in Florida, cutting a massive trench into the planet as it moves southwards into the ocean. Once it's energy is expended, the object flies apart and the central portion falls to Earth.)

[Klingon Council Chamber]

CHANCELLOR: Twice, twice he's been captured, and twice he's escaped. Our Magistrate should never have shown him mercy. He should have been executed for his crimes.
COUNCILLOR: You had a simple mission, Duras. Locate the rebels that Archer was harbouring and return them to the Empire. But you failed. Archer made a fool of you.
CHANCELLOR: We are offering you a chance to regain your command, and your honour.
DURAS: I will not fail.

[Briefing room]

REED: It must be something pretty serious.
(Tucker enters.)
TUCKER: What's going on?
REED: The Captain wants to talk to us.
TUCKER: About what?
HOSHI: He's speaking to Admiral Forrest. It's the third time in the last hour.
TUCKER: Well, something's obviously up.
PHLOX: I can't remember the last time he asked me to join the senior staff for a briefing.
REED: Maybe it has something to do with the
(Archer enters, and they all stand.)
ARCHER: There's been an attack on Earth.
TUCKER: What do you mean, attack?
ARCHER: A probe. They don't know where it came from. It fired a weapon that cut a swath four thousand kilometres long from Florida to Venezuela. There may have been a million casualties.
REED: A million?
ARCHER: We've been recalled.
TUCKER: Did they say why?
ARCHER: I didn't ask.
TRAVIS: It'll take a while to get back, sir.
CREWMAN [OC]: Bridge to Captain Archer.
ARCHER: Go ahead.
CREWMAN: It's Admiral Forrest, sir.
ARCHER: Understood. Set a course, Travis. Warp five.

[Ready room]

(Archer is staring out of a port hole. The doorbell chimes.)
ARCHER: Come in.
TUCKER: Excuse me, Captain.
TUCKER: When you spoke to Admiral Forrest, did he say what part of Florida was hit?
ARCHER: No, I'm sorry.
TUCKER: She may have been away. Architects take a lot of trips.
(Archer finally turns around.)
ARCHER: Older or younger?
TUCKER: My baby sister. When we were in school I made sure all the boys in her class got a good look at me. None of them ever messed with her.
ARCHER: Maybe she was away.
TUCKER: Anything you can tell me about what the Admiral said?
ARCHER: The number of casualties has been revised. It's up to three million.
TUCKER: Why would someone do this?
(The doorbell chimes.)
ARCHER: Come in.
T'POL: I spoke with Ambassador Soval.
T'POL: A Vulcan transport located the pod in central Asia. They retrieved it and brought it to Starfleet Headquarters.
ARCHER: What do they know?
T'POL: Very little. There was a pilot, killed on impact.
TUCKER: Who the hell was he? What species?
T'POL: They don't know.
TUCKER: They say anything about what part of Florida was hit?
T'POL: No.
ARCHER: Trip's sister lives in Florida. (comm. beep) Archer.
REED [OC]: Captain, we've got Suliban ships. Eight of them, approaching at high warp.
ARCHER: Just what we need. Tactical alert.


ARCHER: Hail them.
HOSHI: They're not responding.
ARCHER: Try again.
(The lights go out. Two Suliban are seen on the ceiling, The lights come back on and Archer has gone.)
REED: The captain.

[Suliban ship]

SILIK: There's someone who needs to speak with you.
ARCHER: Silik! I knew you'd have something to do with this.
SILIK: Do with what?
ARCHER: Millions of people. You killed millions of people!
SILIK: I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.
(Archer gets in his face.)
SILIK: That wouldn't be wise, Captain.
ARCHER: What the hell am I doing here?
SILIK: There's someone who needs to speak with you. He has information you should find helpful. Don't worry, you won't be harmed.
ARCHER: Information about what?
SILIK: Something to do with your species. It's in great danger.

[Temporal communications room]

(A humanoid silhouette is in a cone of light.)
SILIK: He can see you more clearly if you move closer.
ARCHER: Who is he?
SILIK: He wants to talk to you. It would be foolish to ignore him.
ARCHER: What do you want?
FUTURE MAN: Your planet was attacked.
ARCHER: I'm aware of that.
FUTURE MAN: What you're not aware of is why. The probe was sent by the Xindi. They learned that their world would be destroyed by humans in four hundred years.
ARCHER: How would they know what's going to happen in four hundred years?
FUTURE MAN: They were told by people from the future. People who can communicate through time.
ARCHER: Are they the ones the Suliban are working for?
FUTURE MAN: The Suliban work for me.
ARCHER: So you're the one who tried to start a civil war in the Klingon Empire, the one who's manipulated my mission from day one.
FUTURE MAN: The people who have contacted the Xindi belong to another faction. The probe was only a test. The Xindi are building a far more powerful weapon. When it is completed, they will use it to destroy Earth.
ARCHER: Annihilate us before we can annihilate them. Why are you telling me this?
FUTURE MAN: The Xindi were not supposed to learn of their future. If they deploy this weapon, it will contaminate the timeline. You must not let that happen.
ARCHER: Why should I believe you?
FUTURE MAN: You have no choice but to believe me.

[Ready room]

T'POL: If this time traveller is trying to protect humanity, why didn't he tell you all this before millions of people were killed?
ARCHER: He didn't think we'd believe him. He's probably right.
T'POL: I'm sure Starfleet and the High Command will find a far more logical explanation of who attacked Earth.
ARCHER: He may be telling the truth. If he is, I need your support, not your damn scepticism.

Captain's Starlog, April 24th, 2153.The journey home has been very difficult. We've now learned that over seven million people were lost.


(There is a bright, bright sun in the centre of the viewscreen.)
TRAVIS: Captain, that's our sun.
REED: A vessel's dropping out of warp.
ARCHER: Where?
TRAVIS: Two hundred kilometres off port.
ARCHER: Who are they?
REED: They've fired some kind of
(Enterprise is struck by weapons fire.)
REED: That one took out both forward phase cannons.
ARCHER: You still have torpedoes.
T'POL: It's a Klingon bird of prey.
(A nacelle is hit and starts smoking.)
HOSHI: They want you, sir. They're saying they won't destroy Enterprise if you surrender to them. Archer's an enemy of the Empire. He must be brought to justice if honour's to be regained.
ARCHER: Duras.

[Duras's ship]

OFFICER: Both their nacelles are crippled.
DURAS: Weapons?
HELM: Their cannons are down
DURAS: Cease firing. Prepare a boarding party.
OFFICER: Three ships approaching.
(The Bird of Prey is strafed from all directions.)
Earth vessels.
DURAS: Return fire!
HELM: Shields are failing.
DURAS: Are they offline?
HELM: No, sir.
DURAS: Then keep firing.
OFFICER: We've lost disruptor banks three and four.
DURAS: Withdraw! Go to warp speed.


HOSHI: It's Captain Ramirez, sir, on the Intrepid.
RAMIREZ [on viewscreen]: (a dark haired man) What the hell was that all about?
ARCHER: A Klingon named Duras. He's not very fond of me.
RAMIREZ [on viewscreen]: Welcome home, Captain. I wish it was under better circumstances.
(As they enter orbit, they view the huge line running down from east of Lake Okeechobee straight south.)

[Starfleet Headquarters - Forrest's office]

FORREST: I told Command everything you said. They're having a hard time buying it.
ARCHER: Do they have a better idea of who did this? And how about the Vulcans? I suppose you think I'm hallucinating.
SOVAL: Our Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.
ARCHER: Are you willing to risk a second attack? All I'm asking is to take Enterprise and find these Xindi. What do we have to lose, a single starship. Seems like a small price to pay if there's one chance in a million that he's right.
SOVAL: Do you know where these co-ordinates he gave you are?
ARCHER: At warp five, about a three month trip.
SOVAL: They're inside the Delphic Expanse.
ARCHER: What's that?
SOVAL: A region of space nearly two thousand light years across. Vulcan ships have entered it, but only a few have returned.
ARCHER: Sounds like your talking about the Bermuda Triangle.
SOVAL: There has been reports of fierce and dangerous species, unexplained anomalies. In some regions, even the laws of physics don't apply. Twenty years ago, a Klingon vessel emerged from the Expanse. Every crewmen on board has been anatomically inverted, their bodies splayed open, and they were still alive. You'd be more than foolish to pursue this course of action.
ARCHER: It's a risk I'm willing to take, and I imagine most of my crew would be with me.
SOVAL: This is typical of your impulsiveness. You'd be putting your crew's lives at stake when you have no evidence that anything you were told were true.
FORREST: We've lost a lot of people already, Jon. Starfleet Command would need some kind of proof before they let you go.
ARCHER: I'm not sure the person I spoke to was from the future or not, but he knew this would be the reaction that I'd get, so he did give me proof.

[Secure Storage Room]

(The three enter, Archer takes out a scanner and starts walking around the bits of metal.)
ARCHER: This is quantum dating the debris. Take a look. The principal alloy in this piece was synthesised within the last four years. This one, about a year earlier.
SOVAL: What exactly are you trying to show us, Captain?
ARCHER: Twelve years for this piece.
FORREST: Your point, Jonathan.
ARCHER: I'm getting to it.
(He finds a small component.)
ARCHER: You might find this interesting.
FORREST: Your scanner's not working properly.
ARCHER: Why is that, sir?
FORREST: The quantum data reads minus four twenty.
ARCHER: What's wrong with that?
FORREST: Quantum dating always registers in positive numbers.
ARCHER: (comparing scanners) Then I guess this ones not working either.
SOVAL: You said he told you this faction from the future could only communicate through time, so how do you suggest they get this component to the Xindi?
ARCHER: I haven't the slightest idea. But that doesn't change what's on these scanners. This fragment's from the future, unless you have another explanation.
SOVAL: A lack of another explanation doesn't make your assumption correct.
FORREST: I'll speak with Command.
ARCHER: I'd like to take a look in there. (Forrest opens cryo-unit with armed guards standing around to reveal a blackened alien corpse)
SOVAL: Are you suggesting this is a Xindi?
ARCHER: I sure as hell would like to find out.


(Phlox introduces a Vulcan.)
PHLOX: This is Doctor Fer'at.
ARCHER: I don't have a lot of time. What's up?
PHLOX: The Vulcan research team detected traces of pyretic radiation in the alien debris.
ARCHER: Why didn't Starfleet catch it?
FER'AT: Some of our technology is still more advanced then yours.
PHLOX: We're going to need to treat anyone who got close to the wreckage. Doctor Fer'at is here to determine the extent of your exposure.
FER'AT: It shouldn't take long. Please, have a seat.
(Archer perches on the imaging chamber gurney.)
FER'AT: Have you experienced any nausea or dizziness?
FER'AT: Numbness in your extremities?
ARCHER: I feel fine.
FER'AT: I was told that you think a piece of the wreckage came from the future.
ARCHER: I know, Vulcan's don't believe in time travel.
FER'AT: Some of us do. Tell me, this time traveller you met, was he humanoid?
ARCHER: How do you know about that?
FER'AT: I was briefed before coming here.
ARCHER: He seemed humanoid, but I couldn't see him that well.
FER'AT: Have you encountered people from the future before?
ARCHER: A number of times. Does this have anything to do with the radiation?
FER'AT: I was just curious. It must be very difficult to have so many people question your story. Does it upset you?
ARCHER: Doesn't help.
FER'AT: But how does it make you feel?
ARCHER: I told you, it doesn't help.
FER'AT: I can sense some anger when you talk about this.
ARCHER: It's kind of strange that a Vulcan would be so interested in my feelings.
FER'AT: Just curious, Your exposure seems minimal. You'll require very little treatment. I imagine you must have felt very anxious after meeting someone from the future.
ARCHER: Why would you imagine that?
PHLOX: I'm afraid this examination is over.
FER'AT: I'm nearly finished.
PHLOX: You are finished, I just checked the Vulcan database. There's only one Doctor Fer'at listed, and he's not a pathologist, he's a psychiatric analyst.
ARCHER: Soval sure is persistent. What did he want you to do? Come back with proof that I'm out of my mind?
PHLOX: You come to my Sickbay under false pretenses. Where are your medical ethics?!
FER'AT: I'm just doing what I was told to.
ARCHER: Well I'm telling you to get the hell off my ship. If you wouldn't mind, Phlox, I'd like you to escort our guest to the airlock.
PHLOX: Gladly.

[Deleted scene - Chinese Restaurant]

(Archer has walked down the street in a leather jacket, and entered the building. He's greeted by the Maitre D')
TOMMY: Jonathan.
ARCHER: You're a sight for sore eyes, Tommy.
TOMMY: Good to see you.
ARCHER: Slow tonight.
TOMMY: People are staying home, ever since.
ARCHER: Is she here?
TOMMY: Over there. You are late.
ARCHER: Thanks. Bring me a Scotch.
TOMMY: Right away.
(He goes around a screen to see Becky the brunette sitting at a table.)
ARCHER: I'm really sorry.
BECKY: (British accent) I can't remember the last time you weren't late. Did they bring you back because of what happened? For how long?
ARCHER: I wish it was longer. I was hoping to spend some time with you.
BECKY: Do they know who did this, why they did this?
ARCHER: We know a little bit, but not enough. I'll probably be gone for a long time, Becky.
BECKY: You've been gone for a long time before, and if I find out you've got a girl in every spaceport. (he strokes her cheek, then they kiss) I suppose you expect me to invite you back to my apartment.
ARCHER: What are my chances?
BECKY: (opening a fortune cookie) You're in luck.


(The gash in the ground is a neat semicircle, but huge.)
REED: I'm so sorry.
TUCKER: The house was over there. Less then a kilometre. See over there?
(A piece of wreckage dangling by the precipice.)
TUCKER: That was the old movie theatre. When we were kids, if I didn't take my sister with me she'd scream like a banshee.
REED: Are you certain she was here when it happened?
TUCKER: Someone would have heard from her if she wasn't.

[Deleted scene - Hoshi's quarters]

(Hoshi is packing a bag.)
HOSHI: Come in. This is a nice surprise.
ARCHER: How'd it go with your folks?
HOSHI: I think I might need to brush up on my Japanese.
ARCHER: I doubt it. We got the new upgrades for the Universal Translator.
HOSHI: That'll make life a whole lot easier.
ARCHER: It'll never replace a linguist with a magical ear.
HOSHI: Not so magical.
ARCHER: Well, that's a matter of opinion.
(He reads the spine of a book.)
ARCHER: Languages of the Sub-Sahara. I'm surprised you're leaving that one here.
HOSHI: I haven't read it yet.
ARCHER: So why not take it with you?
HOSHI: Captain, I'm sending these books home to my mother. It'll give me more shelf space. There's been a lot written about alien languages since we've been gone.
ARCHER: And the clothes are going to?
HOSHI: My mother. Thought it was time to upgrade my civvies.
ARCHER: I thought you were leaving.
HOSHI: Why would you think that?
ARCHER: I don't know. You're a teacher, an academic.
HOSHI: And that means I'm not capable of handling myself on the new mission?
ARCHER: That's not what I meant.
HOSHI: I don't know what's inside this Expanse, sir, but I think I've proven that I can handle myself in difficult situations and even provide a little help along the way. I assume you have no problem with my remaining on board.
ARCHER: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Captain's Starlog, supplemental. After days of debate, Starfleet's finally informed me that we're to proceed with our new mission.


(They fly past a ship in Spacedock. Archer is piloting.)
ARCHER: The NX-02.
FORREST: She'll be ready to launch in fourteen months.
ARCHER: A long time.
FORREST: Hopefully you'll be back well before then.
ARCHER: Hopefully. What kind of armaments will she have?
FORREST: The same complement of weapons that you'll have once the retrofit is done. Have you told your crew?
ARCHER: This morning.
FORREST: How many are staying aboard?
ARCHER: Some haven't decided yet, but I don't think more then eight or nine will be leaving. I talked to General Casey a few hours ago.
FORREST: His team should be arriving at eighteen hundred hours. I was surprised you asked for them. You think you'll be comfortable with the military on board?
ARCHER: I don't have a problem with non-Starfleet personnel. The General tell me these are the best he has. I'm going to need all the muscle I can get when we cross into the Expanse.
FORREST: You weren't told where in this Expanse you were supposed to look.
ARCHER: Not even a hint.
FORREST: This weapon they're building, did he say how long it was going to take them?
ARCHER: I didn't think he would have warned us if we didn't have a chance of stopping them.


PHLOX: Sub-Commander. Is there something I can do for you?
T'POL: Are you confident with your decision, Doctor?
PHLOX: What decision would that be?
T'POL: To remain on Enterprise. Crewman Fuller just told me a shuttle's on its way with two hundred snow beetles.
PHLOX: They could be for my replacement.
T'POL: There isn't a doctor in Starfleet that would have the slightest idea what to do with them.
PHLOX: And what about you?
T'POL: The High Command has made it clear that they don't want me to enter the Delphic Expanse.
PHLOX: I'm much more interested in hearing what you want.
T'POL: it's not my place to disobey the High Command.
PHLOX: Nonsense. You've done it before. It's interesting. You and I, the only aliens on board this vessel. To go or to stay. For me, it was a simple question of loyalty towards the Captain and the sad realisation that he'll need me more then ever on such a crucial mission. But for you it's a more difficult decision. Does your allegiance lie with the High Command or with Captain Archer?

(A crewwoman wheels in a box.)

CREWWOMAN: This just arrived, Doctor.
PHLOX: (reading the inventory) Ah.
T'POL: Thank you, Doctor.
(She leaves him making chirruping noises to the contents of the box.)


REED: Photonic torpedoes. Their range is over fifty times greater than our conventional torpedoes, and they have a variable yield. They can knock the comm. array off a shuttlepod without scratching the hull or they can put a three kilometre crater into an asteroid.
TUCKER: How long is it going to take to reconfigure the tubes?
REED: We've got three teams working on it. They promise me it'll be done before we leave Spacedock, but I've got to start integrating them into the power grid.
TUCKER: Let's go.


REED: Is there going to be some kind of service?
TUCKER: For Lizzie? If you're talking about a funeral, it's kind of pointless when there's nothing left.
REED: I guess I was talking about a memorial.
TUCKER: My sister wasn't big on memorials.
REED: I read there was a day of remembrance for all the victims a couple of months ago. I'm sorry you missed it.
TUCKER: Why are you so obsessed with memorials?
REED: I'm not obsessed.
TUCKER: She's dead. So are seven million others. She was no more important than any of them.
REED: She was more important to you. There nothing wrong in admitting that.
TUCKER: I'm getting real tired of you telling me what I can and can't do. And while we're at it, I don't need you to remind me that Elizabeth was killed, so just let it alone. Maybe you should pay more attention to upgrading your weapons, so you can blow the hell out of those bastards when we find them.

[Forrest's office]

ARCHER: With all due respects Admiral, what is the point of me watching this. Is it supposed to frighten me, make me change my mind about commanding this mission?
SOVAL: It's important for you to see what you'll be facing. The Vaankara was in the Delphic Expanse for less then two days when we received a distress call. This transmission arrived six hours later.
(Pictures on screen of Vulcans screaming, fighting and killing each other.)
SOVAL: Less then an hour later the Vaankara was destroyed. There was no indication of a malfunction or an attack.
ARCHER: Are you suggesting the crew was responsible?
SOVAL: I'm suggesting you reconsider this mission.
ARCHER: (to Forrest) Is there anything else, sir?
(Forrest shakes his head, so Archer goes to leave.)
SOVAL: I need to speak with you, T'Pol.

[Outside Fleet Operations Center]

SOVAL: If all goes well you should be able to return to your duties on Earth within a year. That is, if you're still interested. You haven't been back to Vulcan for some time. You may find your assignment at the Ministry of Information refreshing.
T'POL: I don't understand why I can't stay in San Francisco.
SOVAL: You've spent far to much time with humans. It would be best if you returned home for a while.
T'POL: You thought it was crucial to place a Vulcan on Enterprise during its first mission. Why not now?
SOVAL: You were there to provide logic to a crew of humans who insisted on leaving before they were ready, but logic can't help them inside the Delphic Expanse.
T'POL: Can you be certain of that?
SOVAL: The High Command was quite specific. You're to return to Vulcan.
T'POL: I believe that should be my decision.
SOVAL: This is not the matter of choice. Defying the High Command would mean immediate dismissal. You know that.


ARCHER: Soval agreed to let us take her back to Vulcan if it's all right with you.
FORREST: It's not that far out of your way. How's that last refit team doing?
ARCHER: Scheduled to be done by oh six hundred.
FORREST: I could tell you there are a lot of people counting on you, but I don't need to do that, do I?
ARCHER: No, sir.
FORREST: Good luck, Jon.
(They shake hands. The umbilicals disengage and Enterprise moves out of Spacedock.)

[Duras's ship]

DURAS: Have they gone to warp?
OFFICER: Not yet
DURAS: Charge weapons and prepare to bring them online.

[Mess hall]

ARCHER: It's bad enough one of us is up in the middle of the night.
TUCKER: (pouring himself a slug) How's Porthos holding up? If no people have returned from the Delphic Expanse, I doubt any dogs have.
ARCHER: He must be doing better then we are. He's fast asleep.
TUCKER: You picked a new science officer?
TUCKER: You're gonna miss her, aren't you.
ARCHER: When they first assigned her, I felt like strangling Soval.
TUCKER: She does kind of grow on you.
ARCHER: I would think you'd be the first one to show her to the airlock.

(Tucker pours another slug of whiskey into their glasses.)

TUCKER: Nah. To Henry Archer. I wonder what he would have thought if he knew his engine was gonna help save the human race.
ARCHER: When I got this job, commanding the first warp five ship was about as big as a responsibility as I could imagined. Then, we began running into so many bad guys, and I had to start thinking more about the safety of eighty three people.
TUCKER: And now the stakes have gotten a lot bigger.
ARCHER: Weight of the world, Trip.
TUCKER: Literally. I can't wait to get in there, Captain, and find the people who did this. And tell me we won't be tiptoeing around. None of that non-interference crap T'Pol's always shoving down our throats. Maybe its good thing she's leaving.
ARCHER: We'll do what we have to do, Trip. Whatever it takes.
(The ship judders.)


T'POL: It's Duras.
ARCHER: You've been wanting to test those new torpedoes.
REED: What yield?
ARCHER: Start low. We just want to get them off our backs.
(Two torpedoes hit their target.)

[Duras's ship]

DURAS: What was that?
HELM: Antimatter warheads.
DURAS: Increase shielding and target their weapon ports.


REED: They're still on our backs, sir.
ARCHER: Bring the yield up. Fifty percent.

[Duras's ship]

(Explosions and damage.)
DURAS: I told you to target the weapons port!
HELM: Their hull plating's been enhanced!
OFFICER: Our warp drive is failing.


TRAVIS: They're dropping to impulse.
REED: Stand down weapons, sir?
ARCHER: (nods) How long will it take them to repair their engines?
T'POL: Impossible to determine.
ARCHER: Give me an educated guess.
T'POL: Three hours, possibly more.
ARCHER: What's our speed?
TRAVIS: Warp three, sir.
ARCHER: Go to four five. If we can make it to Vulcan space before they get their engines back, they'll think twice about giving us any more trouble.

[Ready room]

(Archer is not eating a meal, and not reading a book.)
ARCHER: Come in.
T'POL: Ensign Mayweather says we're two days from Vulcan.
ARCHER: Why don't you sit down? (she does) Just think, in two days you'll be eating real Vulcan food.
T'POL: Chef's done an adequate job of approximating Vulcan cuisine.
ARCHER: Well you never did care for the way we smelled. At least you won't have to put up with that anymore.
T'POL: I've gotten use to it.
ARCHER: How about all those emotions we bombard you with every day?
T'POL: I've grown accustomed to that as well, somewhat.
ARCHER: You're not making this easy. There's got to be something you're looking forward to back home.
T'POL: I don't wish to return to Vulcan.
T'POL: I want to remain aboard Enterprise, if you'll allow me to.
ARCHER: It's not a question of my allowing you. The High Command would never agree to it.
T'POL: I've decided to resign my commission.
ARCHER: Why? You've worked so hard, T'Pol.
T'POL: You're taking Enterprise into a very dangerous place. This is no time for me to leave.
ARCHER: We'll be all right.
T'POL: You'll need a science officer, whether she's a member of the High Command or not.
ARCHER: I've been thinking about who to promote.
T'POL: You need me, Captain.


ARCHER: Keeping away from those Klingons isn't going to be easy as we thought.
ARCHER: We're not going to Vulcan. Mister Mayweather, set course for the Delphic Expanse.
TRAVIS: Aye, sir.

Captain's starlog, supplemental. We've been travelling at warp five for seven weeks. The crew is anxious to begin our mission.


(The ship is approaching a purple haze.)
ARCHER: Distance?
TRAVIS: Nearly a million kilometres.
TUCKER: Looks a hell of a hell of a lot closer than that.
T'POL: A common mistake when viewing something of this size.
ARCHER: Magnify.
(Purple swirly stuff fills the viewscreen.)
TUCKER: Not very helpful.
TRAVIS: It's not that dense all the way through, is it?
ARCHER: The Vulcans said the Expanse is surrounded by thick layers of thermobaric clouds. When their last ship went in, it took them almost six hours to get through it. Anything on long range sensors?
T'POL: Nothing beyond the perimeter.
ARCHER: Point two impulse, Travis. Let's head in.
(So they do.)
ARCHER: Anything?
T'POL: Nothing yet.
HOSHI: We've been in here for more then six hours.
ARCHER: Let's be patient.
TUCKER: (enters) We launched the communications buoy, sir. We got a test signal through to Starfleet.
ARCHER: Keep them apprised of our position.
HOSHI: Aye, sir.
ARCHER: Got something?
T'POL: Yes.
TUCKER: Probably the buoy.
T'POL: Not unless you launched three of them.
(Weapons fire from aft. One hits but the rest miss.)

[Duras's ship]

HELM: The targeting scanners won't lock on.
DURAS: Then get closer.


TUCKER: I thought you said the Klingons wouldn't go into the Expanse.
ARCHER: We're not in the Expanse yet. Hold your course. Go to full impulse.
TUCKER: I wouldn't recommend that, Captain. The intake manifolds are having a tough enough time as it is.
ARCHER: You heard me, Travis.
TRAVIS: They're keeping up with us, sir. (more weapons hits)
HOSHI: We're being hailed.
ARCHER: Put it up.
DURAS [on viewscreen]: Surrender, or be destroyed.
ARCHER: Go to hell.
DURAS [on viewscreen]: You're out-gunned, Archer. Come about and be prepared to be boarded. If you don't obey my orders I'll (Hoshi cuts transmission)
T'POL: The perimeter clouds are dissipating. I'm detecting clear space ahead.
ARCHER: That's why Duras wants us to come about. He's afraid of the Expanse. Increase speed, Travis.

[Duras's ship]

OFFICER: The other ships are going to turn back.
DURAS: Cowards. We'll do it ourselves.
HELM: We're too close to the Expanse!
(Duras drags him out of his seat and takes the controls himself.)


REED: Only one left ,sir.
ARCHER: Keep firing.
T'POL: The Expanse is less than five minutes away.
TUCKER: Maybe he'll turn around like his friends.
ARCHER: I won't bet on it. Your new torpedoes aren't having the same effect as last time.
REED: Duras has transferred his aft shields forward. Our weapons can't penetrate them.
TUCKER: We just lost three antimatter injections, Captain. Any more and we're in big trouble.
ARCHER: If he's transferred his shielding forward, what's protecting his stern?
TUCKER: Does it matter? He's chasing us.
ARCHER: What's protecting his stern?
T'POL: Minimal shielding.
ARCHER: Think you can pull off an L4 at this speed?
TRAVIS: I can try, sir.
ARCHER: Then look for the densest cloud formation you can find. Captain Archer to all hands, hold on!
TRAVIS: Captain.
(A big black cloud is ahead.)
ARCHER: Looks good to me.
(Hidden from the Klingon, Enterprise loops the loop to end up astern of Duras.)

[Duras's ship]

DURAS: Where are they?
(The other officers look at each other as if to say they know exactly where Enterprise is.)


(Two torpedoes blow the Bird of Prey apart and Enterprise sails through the middle.)
ARCHER: Nice going, Travis.
TRAVIS: I hope you don't ask me to do that too often, sir.
HOSHI: The Expanse is ahead, Captain.
ARCHER: Did you lose any more of those injectors?
TUCKER: No, sir. We're good to go.
ARCHER: Sure you still want to tag along?
T'POL: It's only logical.
ARCHER: Straight and steady. Mister Mayweather. Let's see what's in there.

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