These Are The Voyages...
Original Airdate: 13 May, 2005

(Transcriber's note - Warning! Worst Trek Episode Ever!)


TRAVIS: When are they expecting you in Brazil?
HOSHI: I told them a couple of weeks after the ceremony. With all the receptions, and then I'll need at least a week to clear up the linguistic database.
TRAVIS: After ten years on this ship, I'll bet it'll take a while getting used to the humidity again.
HOSHI: And the bugs.
REED: Does the Captain have to give a speech?
T'POL: He's working on it now.
TRAVIS: He hates giving speeches.
REED: And he'll undoubtedly make every effort to take no credit.
T'POL: Undoubtedly.
HOSHI: That'd be like Zefram Cochrane not taking credit for warp drive.

(Archer enters from the Ready room.)

ARCHER:  How do you pronounce the name of the second Tellarite liberator? Challash?
HOSHI: Shallash.
ARCHER: Shallash, thanks.
REED: How's it going, sir?
ARCHER: Whatever I write, it sounds like I'm trying to take credit for this.
T'POL: Captain, Admiral Douglas is asking you to approve the decommission protocols.
ARCHER: One thing at a time. After the charter's signed, I'll give him whatever he needs to put Enterprise in mothballs.
CREWMAN [OC]: All senior staff, report to the Bridge.
RIKER: Computer, freeze programme.
(The camera swings around to show Enterprise D's First Officer in uniform at a station.)
RIKER: Save from this time index.
COMPUTER: Programme saved.
RIKER: End programme.
(Our Enterprise bridge and crew vanish, and he's wearing his Next Generation uniform on an empty holodeck,)

RIKER: First Officer's Personal Log, Stardate 47457.1. With the unexpected arrival of Admiral Pressman, my old CO, I find myself in an awkward position. Counsellor Troi has suggested I might get a few insights by calling up an historic holo-programme.

[Ten Forward]

TROI: You're sure you don't want to talk about what happened?
RIKER: I've told you everything I can.
TROI: If it's a question of breaking a promise.
RIKER: Not a promise. An order.
TROI: Have you learned anything on the Holodeck about breaking orders?
RIKER: Not yet. I've gone back a couple of days earlier to get a perspective. But I really don't see how this is going to help.
TROI: That's why you run a starship and I'm a counsellor.


RIKER: Reed's shorter than I thought he'd be.
TROI: Maybe the programme's off.
RIKER: No, I'm sure it's fine. It's just, you expect larger than life people to be larger than life.
TROI: Has the Andorian hailed them?
RIKER: Not yet.
TROI: You might want to leap ahead to that point. It's where things start really happening. And you should consider taking over the Galley.
TROI: Well, Starfleet ships didn't have counsellors in those days, but the Chef on the first Enterprise came pretty close. I read almost everybody confided in him.
RIKER: I'll keep that in mind.
TROI: Supper?
RIKER: You bet. I'll give you an update.
TROI: Okay.


ARCHER: That's impossible. Shran's been dead for what, three years?
(Hoshi opens the channe.l)
SHRAN: This is quite a surprise.
SHRAN: [on viewscreen]: I'm sorry, pinkskin, but it was essential certain people believed I had met my demise.
ARCHER: Including me.
SHRAN [on viewscreen]: I know it's been a while, but as I recall, you still owe me a favour.
ARCHER: I remember. But this isn't a good time, Shran. I assume you know where we're heading.
SHRAN [on viewscreen]: I may no longer be a member of the Imperial Guard, but I'm aware of the proposed coalition.
ARCHER: It's more than a proposal. We're on our way to Earth to sign the charter.
SHRAN [on viewscreen]: The ceremony isn't for three days. If my plan works, you'll be home in plenty of time.
ARCHER: I'm afraid a detour is out of the question right now.
SHRAN [on viewscreen]: My child's been abducted! Kidnapped. You owe me.
ARCHER: You never told me you had a child.
SHRAN [on viewscreen]: Jhamel gave birth five years ago. A daughter. They've taken her.
SHRAN [on viewscreen]: Former associates. It's a long story. You need to let me come aboard.
ARCHER: Set a rendezvous course.
RIKER: Computer, freeze programme. Advance ahead one hour. Switch to objective mode.
(People change position, Riker is back in his normal uniform to walk through the walls into the - )

[Ready room]

SHRAN: Who would've thought civilian life would be more dangerous than commanding a ship for the Imperial Guard.
ARCHER: I still don't understand why you left. You were a hero.
SHRAN: A hero with a family. I always believed that change was a good thing. I was a fool.
ARCHER: Why would you fake your own death?
SHRAN: I made some poor choices. Picked the wrong friends. People involved in questionable business ventures. They think I took something that belonged to them. With the help of some old colleagues from the Guard, I managed to make myself disappear. It worked for nearly three years.
ARCHER: Your friends found you?
SHRAN: Six months ago. I've been on the move ever since. They took her in the middle of the night. I was in the next room, asleep. Useless! It's been a week. They say if I don't return what's theirs, they'll kill her.
ARCHER: Then give them what they want.
SHRAN: I don't have it! I never did.
ARCHER: But you have a plan.
SHRAN: It cost me everything I had, but I managed to find out where they've taken her. They're on a trading outpost, Rigel Ten.
ARCHER: I'm familiar with it.
SHRAN: I know these men quite well, Captain. I can outwit them, I've done it before. But I'll need at least seven men. You have to help me. It's my little girl.

[Archer's quarters]

T'POL: He's an admitted criminal. You said so yourself.
ARCHER: He said he fell in with some disreputable people. That doesn't make him a criminal.
T'POL: If we're late for the ceremony, it will have far-reaching consequences.
ARCHER: If Shran hadn't helped us, I never would've gotten aboard the Xindi weapon. Have you forgotten that? This alliance is based on friendship and loyalty, exactly what Shran is looking for right now.
T'POL: I don't trust him.
ARCHER: You don't trust Andorians. You never have. Thank God the Vulcan Council is a little more enlightened than you are. If they're willing to forge an alliance with Andoria, the least you can do is give Shran the benefit of the doubt. When we met ten years ago, I didn't trust you. For that matter, I didn't trust any Vulcans. You helped me get past that, remember? I listened to you, now it's your turn to listen to me. I can't turn my back on him, T'Pol. Try to understand.
T'POL: I'll try.
ARCHER: By the way, drop by the galley when you get a moment. Chef's trying to come up with a menu for our last dinner together. He wants to know everybody's favourite dish.
T'POL: There are eighty three crewmembers aboard.
ARCHER: Just go see him, all right?
(She leaves, and Porthos jumps up to his master)
ARCHER: Don't worry. Chef's promised at least six kinds of cheese.


T'POL: I appreciate the gesture, but it's not necessary to prepare a special dish for me.
RIKER: (as the chef) Come on. I've already started to reduce the plomeek broth. All I need to know is which roots you prefer.
T'POL: In that case, I prefer to be surprised.
RIKER: Pull up a chair. I could use the company. I heard a rumour I may be whipping up some Andorian cabbage soup tonight.
T'POL: We have already lost five hours picking up Shran's shuttle. Now we're going to lose at least another day diverting our course to Rigel.
RIKER: His child's in danger.
T'POL: Is there anything aboard this ship you don't know?
RIKER: Jonathan is a compassionate man. You should know that by now.
T'POL: His compassion has gotten us into trouble on many occasions. We could miss this ceremony.
RIKER: Don't worry. I've got a hunch you're going to make it. Tea?
T'POL: Thank you.
RIKER: Phlox has giving me his largest Edosian suckerfish.
T'POL: Excuse me?
RIKER: Looks like a catfish. I'm hoping it tastes like one. Commander Tucker's crazy for catfish. Do you ever miss him?
T'POL: I spent the morning with him, recalibrating the plasma array.
RIKER: That's not what I mean.
T'POL: If you're referring to our intimate relationship, that's been over for six years.
RIKER: But the question remains, do you miss him?
T'POL: I'm Vulcan. I don't miss people.
RIKER: Sorry, I forgot. Is he as concerned as you are about making this ceremony?
T'POL: Trip rarely questions the Captain's decisions.
RIKER: He doesn't strike me as someone who follows orders blindly.
T'POL: He's not. He simply tends to agree with the Captain most of the time. He trusts him.
RIKER: Would you peel these for me?
(A bowl of large carrots.)
T'POL: Before I joined this crew, I never could have imagined anything more important than following orders.
RIKER: And now?
T'POL: Humans believe that sometimes you have to follow your instincts. A very illogical approach, but one I've come to embrace.
RIKER: Computer, freeze programme. Thanks.
(Riker kisses her on the cheek.)

[Briefing room]

(Riker is going through the crew roster of the USS Pegasus - Cdr Ronald Moore, Lt Dawn Velazquez, Cn Eric Motz, Cn Andy Simonson, Ens Phil Wallace - when Deanna comes in.)
TROI: There you are. (sees the screen) Someone you know?
RIKER: Someone I knew.
TROI: Pegasus?
RIKER: Phil Wallace. Hell of a handball player. Pressman was getting ready to promote him.
TROI: How many died?
RIKER: Seventy one. All but nine of us.
TROI: How do you feel about learning the ship wasn't destroyed?
RIKER: What difference does it make? Seventy one people died.
TROI: You're feeling guilty. You think in some way you were responsible?
RIKER: You're the empath. Why don't you tell me?
TROI: I think it's something else. Something about seeing that ship again.
RIKER: Why don't we change the subject? Okay?
TROI: Okay. How did things go on the Holodeck?
RIKER: They picked up the Andorian. They're on their way to Rigel Ten.
TROI: I was referring to any insight you may have gained.
RIKER: I took your advice about the Chef. You were right. T'Pol opened up to me.
TROI: Have you met with Commander Tucker?
RIKER: No, I haven't made it to Engineering yet. Have you spent any time on the NX-01?
TROI: I've never run the programme.
RIKER: What about the ship itself?
TROI: I think I went when I was a little girl, but I get all those museum ships mixed up.
RIKER: Now's your chance. Come on down with me.
TROI: I have an appointment in an hour.
RIKER: I'll get you back in plenty of time. Come on.

[Ready room]

RIKER: Our brig is bigger than this.
TROI: A lot of things change in two hundred years.
(He nearly backs into a girder.)
TROI: Watch yourself!
RIKER: No fish tank.
TROI: How could Archer survive without a fish tank?
(She goes to the door, but it doesn't open automatically for her.)
RIKER: Allow me.


RIKER: He does have a dog, though.
TROI: Right, I remember. One of the Musketeers.
RIKER: Porthos.

(Troi sits in the Captain's chair.)

TROI: Ooh, comfy.
RIKER: No seat for the First Officer?
TROI: Perhaps Archer wasn't as fussy as Captain Picard when it came to people sitting in his chair.
(Riker's expression suggests that Travis's seat is a tad too small for him. Troi goes to the science station and activates the viewer.)
TROI: I remember seeing one of these in a photograph.
RIKER: Kirk's ship had them, I think.


RIKER: Engineering's down this way.
TROI: There's something lonely about a ship without its crew.
RIKER: Computer, add an appropriate crew complement, objective mode.
TROI: That's better.


REED: If you recall, Rigel Ten is filled with a very unsavoury element. And I rather doubt Shran's scheme will be quite as simple as he claims.
TUCKER: I can't imagine the Captain would put us in jeopardy this close to signing the charter.
REED: I don't like it. What exactly are you doing?
TUCKER: These injectors need to be purged every six months. Are the deuterium filters clear?
CREWMAN: We've done all but three.
TUCKER: Make it quick.
CREWMAN: Aye, sir.
REED: Well, what's the point? This ship will be joining the mothball fleet next week.
TUCKER: I pretty much built this engine. Plan to take care of it as long as I can. Been a hell of a run, Malcolm. never thought it would come to an end.
REED: All good things. Captain thinks there'll be another Enterprise before too long.
TUCKER: I imagine.
REED: It won't be the same.
TUCKER: That's okay. Come on.
TROI: It's sad. Commander Tucker had no idea he wouldn't make it back.

[Situation room]

ARCHER: How reliable are your sources?
SHRAN: They're criminals, but honourable ones. They promised me that Talla's being held here at Upper Level Four. Have you fashioned the amethyst?
T'POL: The photograph you gave us had poor resolution, but I'm confident our replication will look authentic.
SHRAN: The Tenebian amethyst they think I stole was flawless. They'll undoubtedly have magnifying equipment with them.
T'POL: They'll need a spectral micrometer to see it's a fabrication.
ARCHER: How many do you expect to show up?
TROI: Computer, freeze programme.
(She steps in front of Archer.)
TROI: He's cute.
RIKER: Don't get any ideas.
TROI: Reg'll be furious if I'm late. Are you going to stay?
RIKER: Yeah, for a little while.
TROI: Good luck. Computer, Arch.
(She leaves for her appointment with Barclay.)
RIKER: Computer, how long before they reach Rigel Ten?
COMPUTER: Sixteen hours, twenty two minutes.
RIKER: Advance to that point. Stay in objective mode.


ARCHER: Move into a stationary orbit.
TRAVIS: Aye, sir.
ARCHER: Put a team together. Meet us in the Launch bay.
TUCKER: Captain, can I have a word with you?
(Reed and Shran get into the turbolift.)
TUCKER: We can handle this without you.
ARCHER: Well, that's flattering.
TUCKER: You know what I mean. You've got the biggest day of your life coming up. A lot of people are counting on you being there.
ARCHER: I appreciate you worrying about me, but I'll be fine.
TUCKER: You don't need to be putting yourself in harm's way. I'm telling you, we can take care of it.
ARCHER: Rigel was the first place we visited, remember? Now it's going to be the last. Poetic justice. Why should you have all the fun?


(Riker is in MACO uniform for this sequence.)
TRAVIS: We're going through the troposphere. Might get a little bumpy.
T'POL: Have you been down to see Chef yet?
TUCKER: First thing this morning. You?
T'POL: He talked about you.
T'POL: Us.
TUCKER: What about us?
T'POL: It's not important.
TUCKER: Why'd you bring it up, then?
T'POL: Do you ever miss me?
TUCKER: You mean?
T'POL: Yes.
TUCKER: You know how long it's been?
T'POL: That's not what I asked you.
TUCKER: Well. Yeah, I guess, sometimes.
T'POL: I haven't thought about those days in a long time.
TUCKER: Benefit of being a Vulcan.
T'POL: After speaking with Chef, I realised we may never see each other again.
TUCKER: What are you talking about?
T'POL: We're taking different assignments. There's no way of knowing.
TUCKER: There's every way of knowing. I can guarantee you we're not going to lose touch. Stop thinking like that.
T'POL: However long it may be, I believe I'm going to miss you.
ARCHER [OC]: Archer to Shuttlepod Two.
TRAVIS: Go ahead, sir.
ARCHER [OC]: Shran's made contact. Everything's set. I'll lead you in.
TRAVIS: Understood.

[Rigel X]

(Shran and T'Pol are surrounded.)
ALIEN: Stop there. Unless I'm mistaken, I thought you had no idea where the amethyst was.
SHRAN: Where's my daughter?
ALIEN: Funny how a missing child has a way to jog the memory, eh, Shran?
SHRAN: Where is she?
ALIEN: I thought you were happily married. Who's the Vulcan?
SHRAN: I'm not interested in your associates, so don't question mine.
ALIEN: Put the case down and open it.
T'POL: We want the child first.
ALIEN: I could shoot you both.
T'POL: You'll never get this case open, I promise you.
ALIEN: You let a female negotiate for you, eh, Shran?
SHRAN: You heard her.
(A woman brings a little blue girl out, holding her wrist firmly.)
SHRAN: Are you all right?
TALLA: I'm hungry.
ALIEN: Now open the case.
(Shran holds the case but looks at his daughter the whole time T'Pol is unlocking it. The cut sapphire is enormous.)
ALIEN: Set it down. Now, back up.
SHRAN: Let her take the girl.
ALIEN: Fine, but you stay. One step, and this little blue beauty won't have a father to come home to.
(Talla is freed to run to Shran's arms.)
SHRAN: I want you to go with T'Pol. You'll be safe with her. She'll find you something to eat. Obey your father.
(Talla and T'Pol leave.)
ALIEN: Now step back.
(He picks up the gem and scans it as the Enterprise team watch from above. Shran raises his arm to shield his eyes.) 
ALIEN: What are you doing?
(Tucker fires a laser at the sapphire, and the refractions blind the alien and his associates. Shran escapes and the phaser fire starts.)
REED: Stand still and you won't be harmed.
(The aliens return fire, of course. One shot breaks the plank Tucker is standing on, and he's dangling in midair as Archer tries to pull him to safety)
ARCHER: Hold on!
(Reed takes out the last alien as Tucker is okay.)
TUCKER: Thanks, boss.
ARCHER: Any time.

[Launch bay]

(The two shuttlepods are back safe and sound, and the crews are disembarking.)
SHRAN: You're certain it won't be a problem?
ARCHER: I'll feel more comfortable getting you away from your friends at warp four.
SHRAN: My shuttle may be slow, but their ships can barely make warp two.
ARCHER: All the same, you'll be under your own power by tomorrow night. We'll contact your wife and tell her to expect you the next morning.
SHRAN: I told you my plan would only take a few hours.
ARCHER: You're welcome. You should let Phlox take a look at her before you go to your quarters.
SHRAN: Whatever you say, Captain.
TALLA: Thanks, pinkskin.
TUCKER: You must be getting tired of saving my life.
ARCHER: I'm glad I didn't take your advice about not coming along.
TUCKER: Yeah, you and me both. Then again, you almost got yourself killed down there. Wouldn't have gone over too big at the ceremony.
ARCHER: Signing documents are easy. Training a new engineer, that can be a real pain in the ass.

[Counsellor's office]

(Enterprise D has arrived at the Devolin system's asteroid field.)
DATA [OC]: Data to Counsellor Troi.
TROI: Yes, Data.
DATA [OC]: I was wondering if this might be an appropriate time to continue our discussion on the long-term effects of space travel on my positronic net.
TROI: Can I give you a rain check?
DATA [OC]: You may check me for rain if you like, Counsellor, but I assure you there is no water in my
(Doorbell chimes.)
TROI: Data, I'll get back to you. Come in.
RIKER: I know it's past office hours.
TROI: What is it?
RIKER: It won't be long before they find the Pegasus.
TROI: You haven't made your decision. The holodeck?
RIKER: They rescued the Andorian's daughter.
TROI: So you're coming to the moment of truth in there, as well.
RIKER: I need you to promise you'll keep this confidential.
TROI: You know I will.
RIKER: What do you know about the Treaty of Algeron?
TROI: 2311. It redefined the Romulan Neutral Zone.
RIKER: It also outlawed the use of cloaking technology on Starfleet vessels.
TROI: The Pegasus?
RIKER: A secret group in Starfleet Security developed a prototype. Pressman was put in charge of testing it.
TROI: That's why they're so eager to find it before the Romulans do.
RIKER: The accident, the seventy one people who died, we were testing the cloaking device.
TROI: It was covered up.
RIKER: The nine of us who made it back alive were sworn to secrecy.
TROI: And you've lived with that for twelve years?
RIKER: They want to pick the experiment up where they left off.
TROI: Are you sure?
RIKER: Pressman told me himself. What they're doing is wrong. It could jeopardise the treaty.
TROI: And you want to tell that to Captain Picard.
RIKER: I took an oath of secrecy. Pressman still outranks the Captain.
TROI: Will, you didn't get this far in your career making easy decisions. I'm confident you'll make the right one now.
RIKER: I wish I was.


(Reed and Chef Riker are rolling pastry.)
REED: He was anything but tactful. What his countrymen might refer to as a hick. For the life of me, I couldn't understand what Captain Archer saw in him.
RIKER: Thinner. Roll it a little bit thinner, like this.
REED: Yeah, right.
RIKER: Go on.
REED: That's about it, really. I used to think that first impressions meant something. I guess it's not always true. To be honest, I didn't think he was going to last a month, old friend of the Captain's or not. And now, I can't imagine what these last ten years would've been like without him.
RIKER: Did you ever find yourself attracted to him?
HOSHI: Maybe a little. I never really thought he was my type. Didn't even graduate college, he learned about engineering working on boat engines, I think. Never cared much about languages, could barely speak English. But he did have his moments. I still find him kind of cute. Keep that to yourself.
RIKER: Always do. Captain said they'd known each other a long time.
TRAVIS: Close to twenty years. He taught the Captain how to scuba dive somewhere off the coast of Florida.
RIKER: You're pressing too hard. Just slow, steady movement.
TRAVIS: Sorry.
RIKER: No need to apologise.
TRAVIS: They've got a shorthand they use sometimes. Comes from spending so much time together.
RIKER: Did Trip ever take a swing at Picard?
TRAVIS: At who?
RIKER: Archer, Captain Archer?
TRAVIS: Not that I know of. When push comes to shove, Commander Tucker usually ends up doing the right thing. How am I doing?
RIKER: Don't let it get too big. Now fold it over. There you go.
PHLOX: And he's always pushing himself, often to the point of exhaustion. He's forced me to order him to relax on more than one occasion.
RIKER: To relax?
PHLOX: Yeah. Wasn't very keen on getting neuro-pressure treatments from T'Pol, but it was that or become addicted to sedatives.
RIKER: If I remember correctly, that's when
PHLOX: Their romance began? Precisely. One time, he became so exhausted I had to demand he get six hours sleep. He negotiated it down to four. A very stubborn young man.
(Waving the pastry around.)
PHLOX: I quite enjoy this.
RIKER: So did he follow your orders?
PHLOX: Didn't have a choice.
RIKER: You've always got a choice.

{Captain's mess]

(The two old friends are splitting a bottle.)
TUCKER: So do you think this alliance is going to hold?
ARCHER: We'd better hope so. There are thousands of planets within reach. Got to start somewhere.
TUCKER: Who would have guessed? Vulcans and Andorians in the same bed.
ARCHER: The Tellarites were never big fans of the Andorians, either. This is a special bottle of whiskey. Zefram Cochrane gave it to my father the day they broke ground at the warp five complex.
TUCKER: And here we are, toasting to warp seven.
ARCHER: Here's to the next generation.
TUCKER: Written your speech yet?
ARCHER: I always crammed before exams. I've got three days left.
TUCKER: The biggest day of your life, and you're going to wait until the night before.
ARCHER: It's the biggest day of our lives.
TUCKER: I hate to contradict you, Captain. You're the man they're waiting to see.
(There's a sudden sharp jolt.)
ARCHER: Archer to the Bridge. What's going on?
T'POL [OC]: We're under attack, sir. A small vessel.
ARCHER: Who are they?
T'POL [OC]: We don't know yet. (another jolt) Intruder alert.


ALIEN: We've come for Shran and the child.
TUCKER: I thought you said their ship couldn't catch up to us.
ARCHER: Remind me to mention that to Shran.
ALIEN: You're leaving me very little choice.
ARCHER: Shran left six hours ago. You're too late.
ALIEN: You're lying. His shuttle is still in your launch bay. Kill him.
TUCKER: Hold on. Wait a minute.
ARCHER: I'll take care of this.
TUCKER: The hell you will. I'll bring you to Shran. I know where he is.
ARCHER: I gave you an order, Commander.
TUCKER: You heard me. I said I'd bring you to Shran.
ALIEN: Very well. Turn around, both of you.
TUCKER: Hey, this guy's the Captain.
ARCHER: That's enough.
TUCKER: He's my boss. If I'm going to disobey his order, I don't want him coming along.
ARCHER: Trip, that's enough!
TUCKER: Listen. I won't do this if you kill him, but could you please shut him up?
(Archer gets knocked out.
Tucker goes to help.)
ALIEN: Stop. You can't expect me to just leave him here alive?
TUCKER: He's out cold. He's not going to cause any trouble.
ALIEN: (to henchman) Stay here. If we're not back in ten minutes, kill him.
TUCKER: Didn't you hear what I just said? I won't help you if you kill him. This might take longer than ten minutes.
ALIEN: Take me to Shran or I'll kill him right now.
TUCKER: Okay, okay! I've got a better idea. I'll bring Shran to us. We don't have to go anywhere.
ALIEN: Be very careful.

(Tucker leads the group around the corner.)

TUCKER: You can all come see for yourselves. This is just a comm. station.
(He opens a pair of doors and steps in.)
TUCKER: I'm going to need to open this so I can bypass the security protocols. Is that okay?
ALIEN: As long as you keep your hands where we can see them.
TUCKER: No problem.
(Tucker takes a large panel from the wall, reaches in and removes a large tube.)
TUCKER: Now, all I need to do is connect this to the relay inside that panel.
ALIEN: Stop. Open it for him. If there's a weapon in there, you're going to die before your Captain.
(The henchman removes the ceiling panel.)
TUCKER: Satisfied?
ALIEN: Proceed. Hurry up. You're running out of time.

(Tucker takiesdown a similar tube and prepares to join them together.)

TUCKER: There's just one other thing I need to tell you. You can all go straight to hell.
(The explosion blows the aliens out of the compartment and partway back down the corridor. Archer wakes up and goes to the scene of the devastation.)


MEDIC: He's not responding.
PHLOX: Add two percent syntho-surfactant.
ARCHER: Doctor.
PHLOX: The plasma was super-heated. It thermalised his lungs. Initialise the hyperbaric sequencer.

(Tucker is badly burnt and struggling to breathe.)

TUCKER: Sorry about the rifle-butt. I was just trying to
ARCHER: I know, Trip. Just take it easy. Everything's all right.
TUCKER: We gonna be late?
ARCHER: No. We'll be right on schedule. I'll even have time to write my speech.
TUCKER: Great news. Wait till they hear
(Alarm sounds.)
PHLOX: We need to get him into the chamber now!
(Archer helps the medics put Tucker on the trolley.)
PHLOX: Clear!
(As Archer pushes him into the chamber, Tucker smiles at him.)

[Trip's quarters]

(T'Pol gazes at a picture of a scuba diver before putting it with other personal effects in a case. Then she picks up a uniform and smells it before the door opens.)
ARCHER: Need any help?
T'POL: No, thank you.
ARCHER: For his parents?
T'POL: Will they still be coming to the ceremony?
ARCHER: I told them I thought Trip wouldn't want it any other way. Don't forget this.
(He hands her the Frankenstein's monster figure.)
T'POL: I'd like to meet them.
ARCHER: His parents?
T'POL: Yes. I'd like to meet them.
ARCHER: They're a little eccentric. I think you'll see where Trip got his sense of humour.
T'POL: My mother was somewhat eccentric, as well.
ARCHER: I remember.
T'POL: Trip told me as the years went by that I would miss her less. But he was wrong, because I find myself missing her more. Why would he tell me that?
ARCHER: Time heals all wounds, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. I guess it's a little tricky. Emotions have a way of contradicting themselves.
T'POL: And you wonder why we suppress them.
ARCHER: When I took command ten years ago, I saw myself as an explorer. I thought all the risks would be worth it because, just beyond the next planet, just beyond the next star, there would be something magnificent, something noble. And now Trip is dead, and I have to give a speech about how worthwhile it's all been.
T'POL: Trip would be the first to say it was worthwhile.


TUCKER: Fried catfish with hush puppies.
RIKER: Obviously, the Captain mentioned why I wanted to see you.
TUCKER: Keep in mind, within a week I'll be eating the real thing. I'm taking my folks down to Mobile.
RIKER: Nothing like a challenge.
TUCKER: Captain asked for meat loaf, didn't he?
RIKER: I haven't spoken to him yet.
TUCKER: How about T'Pol? She won't be very co-operative. You wait and see.
RIKER: I've already started her plomeek broth. All she has to do is choose a few final ingredients. She'll be down here in about an hour. I hear we're on our way to pick up Shran.
TUCKER: Can you believe it? We all thought he was dead and gone.
RIKER: Don't you think the Captain's cutting it a little close?
TUCKER: You mean, getting back to San Francisco? Nah, he won't let anything get in the way of that. Trust me. Can you spare one of those carrots?
RIKER: They're not peeled yet.
TUCKER: That's okay.
(He takes a bite.)
TUCKER: You know, he'd never admit it, but this thing means a hell of a lot to him. He's real proud to be one of the people signing this charter. And he ought to be.
RIKER: You sound like a lifetime member of the Jonathan Archer fan club.
TUCKER: I can count on one hand the number of people I trust. I don't mean trust like I trust you aren't lying to me or, I trust you won't steal my money. I'm talking about the kind of trust where you know someone's not going to hurt you, no matter what. Where you know they'll always be there for you, no matter how bad things get. You ever know anybody like that?
RIKER: Yeah. One or two.
TUCKER: Well, I got some packing to do before I go back on duty. You figured out what you're going to do?
TUCKER: You gonna sign on to another ship, or are you gonna open up that little restaurant in the Berkshires you told me about?
RIKER: You know, I haven't decided yet. You got any advice?
TUCKER: Nope. But I'm sure you'll make the right choice.


(The senior staff are seated very high up, in a top gallery overlooking a huge arena. Civilians are taking their seats around them. Troi is watching too.)
REED: Are you certain these are the right seats?
REED: They don't seem very VIP to me.
HOSHI: I'm sure the Admiral wanted us to have a view that took in the scope of the occasion.
REED: From this distance you can't tell an Andorian from a Tellarite.
HOSHI: (to Travis) Have you given an answer to Captain Stillwell yet?
TRAVIS: I've asked him for a little more time, until Captain Archer decides what he's going to be doing.
REED: I'll bet you a month's pay he'll be on the bridge of a new ship. He won't be able to resist one of those warp seven beauties.
HOSHI: I've heard he's already been tapped for admiral.
TRAVIS: Malcolm's right. They'll never keep him behind a desk.
REED: It's very wise of you to stick with him. That's exactly what I plan to do.

[Green Room]

(Archer is pacing up and down going over his speech. Phlox is sitting in a chair, and T'Pol tries to adjust Archer's dress uniform collar.)
T'POL: Please stand still. If you hadn't waited until the last minute, you would have had time to memorise your speech.
ARCHER: You sound like my ninth grade teacher.
PHLOX: There are dignitaries here from eighteen different worlds. It's a good sign. I wouldn't be surprised if this alliance begins to expand before we know it. You should be very proud of yourself, Captain.
ARCHER: I'll be proud of myself if I get this speech out in one piece.
PHLOX: That's not what I meant.
ARCHER: I know what you meant, Phlox, and I appreciate it, but this is not about me.
T'POL: Why do so many humans refuse to take credit where credit is due? There are times when modesty and humility are quite illogical.
ENSIGN: Whenever you're ready, sir.
PHLOX: Well, I've got three wives waiting. I'd better go and join them. I'd wish you good luck, Captain, but you've always had an ample supply.
ARCHER: Thank you, Doctor.
(Phlox leaves them alone.)
ARCHER: You'd better get out there. You don't want to miss me screwing this thing up.
T'POL: I'm going to remain down here, if you don't mind.
ARCHER: You never did like crowds, did you?
(He starts up the steps.)
T'POL: You look very heroic.
(Archer comes back down the steps and gives her a big hug. Then he heads up to the red carpet and rapturous applause.)


(Riker joins Troi at the back.)
TROI: Is he nervous?
RIKER: Wouldn't you be?
TROI: Oh, he'll be fine. I had to memorise this speech in grammar school. You wish you could tell them all that this alliance will give birth to the Federation.
RIKER: I think I'm ready to talk to Captain Picard. I should have done it a long time ago.
TROI: So, I guess we're through here.
RIKER: I guess we are. Computer, end programme.

PICARD: Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission
KIRK: To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations
ARCHER: To boldly go where no man has gone before.

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