The Christmas Trap, by Oli Smith, Tag Games

A Doctor Who video game, released  14 Jan 2011

(TARDIS arrives at a village)

Amy: So this is where they get their Christmas card ideas from. I had no idea the past was so... festive.
Doctor: It's not the past, it's the eighties. Look at the electric fairy lights.
Amy: Alright Sherlock, why are we here?
Doctor: A week ago the locals claim a star fell to Earth. So in the spirit of the season they erected a big plastic Christmas village around the crash site and started charging people to see it. The thing is none of the vistiors ever came back.
Amy: Looks like they're closed for business. We need a key.
Doctor: Baubles! If we collect these I can decorate the TARDIS.
Amy: Sticking extra shiny things on the console doesn't count as decorating.
Doctor: But at least they'll hide those annoying warning lights.
Doctor: Spikes! Health and Safety would have a field day.
Amy: There must be some way across, try pushing those blocks to bridge the gap.

Amy: The fallen star! How romantic!
Doctor: How deadly. It's a Nestene Sphere, a fragment of alien consciousness with the power to animate plastic.
Amy: And we're in plastic central!
Doctor: Let's get the Sphere and get out of here. See that portal on the floor? We need to drop the Sphere inside.

Doctor: This doesn't look too heavy, I should be able to pick it up, but pushing might be easier.
Amy: What are these portals Doctor?
Doctor: They're links to other areas in the village- increasing the range of the Sphere's influence. When the Sphere passes through each one, it should close the portal and make the area safe once more. We can follow through the echoes it leaves behind.

Amy: The door's unlocking!
Doctor: It's a plastic door. The Sphere was trying to keep us trapped inside the room.

Doctor: It doesn't look like we can fit through these gates.
Amy: But the Sphere can, if we push it through then maybe we can find another way around.
Amy: Those mannequins seem rather out of place.
Doctor: That's never a good sign.
Doctor: Get back Amy! It's an Auton- activated by the touch of the Sphere.
Amy: We need to be more careful where we're pushing this thing.
Amy: Doctor- the Sphere- it's like a heartbeat!
Doctor: It's waking up. Until now every challenge we've faced has simply been the Sphere's subconscious survival instincts-
Amy: And now?
Doctor: Now things are about to get trickier.
Doctor: Each time the Sphere pulses. It's reaching out, trying to activate an Auton to defend itself.
Amy: Glowing- bad, not glowing- push. Gotcha.

Amy: A Santa dummy- don't tell me they can come alive too!
Doctor: Okay, I won't.
Amy: But they can?
Doctor: Yes, and they're armed.
Doctor: We have to follow the portals, it's the only way to make sure the village is safe.

Amy: It's glowing brighter than ever!
Doctor: It's furious, searching for anything to prevent us from removing it.
Amy: But why?
Doctor: The Nestene Consciousness doesn't just control plastic, Amy, it feeds of it. Earth in the 80's is Christmas Dinner for the Sphere!

Amy: Are we nearly there yet?
Doctor: Not far now, the TARDIS is close, I can feel her.
Amy: Are we nearly there yet?
Doctor: Not far now. The TARDIS is close I can feel her
Doctor: The TARDIS! Time to put the Sphere back  into hibernation and transport it somewhere uninhabited.
Amy: And plasticky.
Doctor: Planet Bakelite it is.
Doctor: Safe at last!
Amy: About time! Is Christmas always this... tense with you?
Doctor: Oh Amy, you don't even know the half of it...

Transcribed by Julia Stein

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