Forty - Seven

has a special place in the hearts of many die-hard Trekkers. Instigated during TNG's run by Joe Menosky, here are some of the more obvious examples I have spotted.

Hide & Q The pipe above the dead girl has numbers 3847.
Angel One The Enterprise has 47 minutes and counting to get to the Neutral Zone.
11001001 Starbase 74 is 47  reversed.
We'll Always Have Paris A time distortion will occur between 28 and 47 minutes.
Conspiracy The Enterprise receives a code 47 message - emergency frequency, Captain's eyes only.
The Neutral Zone Sonny is aged 47 according to the draft casting.
The Child Foetal pulse 137 (1+3 = 4, 7)
Deja Q La Forge reckons they'd need to exceed recommended impulse output by at least 47 percent.
Tin Man According to Riker, 47 people died in the Ghorusda disaster.
Brothers The Enterprise is going to Starbase 416 (4, 1+6)
Drumhead J'Dan is interrogated accessing the propulsion system files on Stardate 44758
I, Borg Topological anomoly 4747

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