Forty Seven

Here is it, the list you've been waiting for - not. Remember, these are all pre-Joe Menosky, the real instigator of the 47 conspiracy and should therefore represent
an average occurrence of the numbers from random selection. It also includes the movies, which seemed to go out of their way to avoid the number.

The Menagerie Talos Four, General Order Seven
Balance of Terror Comet Icarus Four, Magnitude Seven.
Enterprise waits for 9 hours 47 minutes, according to the log.
Arena DePaul gives their position as 2279 PL (whatever they are).
Court Martial Begins on Stardate 2947.3.
Areel and Kirk haven't seen each other for 4 years, 7 months and a bit.
Errand of Mercy Uhura reports that Unit XY-75847 have Klingons in their area.
Spock estimates the chances of escape from Organia at 7,824.7 to 1
I, Mudd Alice 471 is the first android they successfully confuse.
Journey to Babel Sarek is 102.437 years old.
Obsession The dikironium is at bearing 94 mark 7.
The Immunity Syndrome Once inside the space-amoeba, Spock says his shields will last only 47 minutes.
Patterns of Force The crystals have to be held 27.2 mm apart. Works for me.
The Omega Glory Regulation 7, paragraph 4 deals with the arrest of Starfleet officers who break the Prime Directive
The Ultimate Computer Takes place on stardates 4729.4 and 4731.3
Bread and Circuses Episode stardate 4040.7. The SS Beagle had a crew of 47.
Assignment: Earth Roberta was originally employed by agents 347 and 201.
The apartment is 247 degrees bearing from the lift doors.
The Paradise Syndrome Enterprise is at deflection point 7, then 4. Spock changes course to 37 mark 010. (37+10)
The Empath The solar flare will take 74.1 hours to pass.
Spock detects a life-form at 42 mark 7.
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield The course for Cheron is 403 mark 7.
That Which Survives The engines will overload in 14.87 minutes.
More Tribbles, More Troubles Cyrano Jones is in violation of 47 local mandates.
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Stardate 7410.2
Star Trek Generations
Scott beams out 47 out of 150 refugees.
Data says the ribbon will arrive in 47 minutes
Star Trek 2009
A Klingon armada of 47 ships were destroyed by Romulans.
Star Trek Into Darkness
Kirk needs to adjust his target destination to 183 by 473 degrees.