Stardate: 50348.1
Original Airdate: November 20, 1996

[Holodeck - Paxau Resort]

NEELIX: Ah, Gallian nectar! From a blossom which only grows near a certain lake on Paxau and blooms once every six years. Specialty of the house.
KIM: This is a real place?
NEELIX: The Paxau resort was the place to go on Talax for serious relaxation and some personal pampering. It was very exclusive. You had to be rich and privileged, or know someone rich and privileged who owed you a favour. I'd say if anyone deserves and needs a little pampering, it's this crew. Don't you feel as if all your cares are just light years away?
KIM: Yeah, it's nice.
NEELIX: I'm certainly open to any suggestions for perfecting the programme.
PARIS: Maybe it could use a little more, er, fun.
KIM: Loosen it up.
PARIS: Yeah, right. Like this guy. He's so - formal. Computer, give the waiter a more casual look and have him serve Rekarri starbursts all around. Now what we need around here are some more people.
KIM: Computer, add characters from Kim Sports Programme Theta Two.
PARIS: What sport would that be, exactly?
KIM: Volleyball. They're a Championship team, gold medal winners in 2216.
PARIS: No wonder your game's improved.
KIM: You know, this would be even better with more upbeat music.
PARIS: Computer, access the cultural database and create musicians from Earth's Caribbean region. Now this is relaxing.
NEELIX: More drinks for everyone, and break out some spicy paraka wings. You can't have a party without food.
JANEWAY [OC]: All senior officers, report to the bridge.
KIM: Great programme, Neelix.
PARIS: Save it for us, will you?
NEELIX: I certainly will. I find you can't listen to this without feeling the urge to dance.

[Kes's quarters]

EMH [OC]: Sickbay to Kes. Please report here immediately. I've been informed we may have incoming casualties.
KES: On my way, Doctor.


TUVOK: Captain, sensor readings indicate that radiation inside the alien vessel is rising to toxic levels. The lifesigns of the passengers are growing weaker.
TORRES: Their warp core is heavily damaged. It's leaking drive plasma and gamma radiation. It could breach any time.
CHAKOTAY: Can we beam the passengers out through all that radiation?
KIM: Not from here. We'd have to get within five thousand kilometres.
TUVOK: At that range, we'll be at risk if their engine core explodes.
JANEWAY: Lieutenant, take us into range.
PARIS: Aye Captain. Closing to within five thousand kilometres.
KIM: Diverting warp power to the targeting scanners, trying to get a pattern lock. There's still too much interference.
JANEWAY: A little closer, Tom.
TORRES: Captain, I'm reading an energy buildup in the reaction chamber.
JANEWAY: Mister Kim.
KIM: I've got a lock. Initiating transport.
TORRES: They're losing anti-matter containment.
JANEWAY: Shields up, move us away.
PARIS: Aye Captain.
TUVOK: Major systems are undamaged.
KIM: I've got them, Captain. All three passengers are in sickbay.
JANEWAY: I'm impressed.


EMH: Start with the dermal regenerator on the worst of the radiation burns and scan for contamination of the surrounding tissue.
KES: It's all right, it's all right, we're taking care of you now.  
EMH: You must lie still. You have internal injuries.
NORI: My husband, is he all right?
EMH: I'll sedate you if necessary.
KES: Doctor, his heart's stopped. He's not responding to cardiac induction.
EMH: Give him twenty milligrams of lectrazine. No effect. His biochemistry is incompatible with our medications.
KES: No synaptic activity.
EMH: The tissue damage is too extensive. There's nothing more I can do for him. Record the time.
NORI: No, you must save him! Tieran.
KES: I'm so sorry.
NORI: He can't be gone, he can't.

[Ready Room]

ADIN: It was horrible. They chased us across half the sector. We were finally able to fight them off, but not before our own ship was damaged.
JANEWAY: Do you know who was chasing you?
ADIN: This particular trade route has always been plagued by mercenaries and thieves. I'm sure they wanted to take our ship and hold us for ransom. I'm a very prominent physician and Nori is a cousin of the Autarch.
NORI: We're grateful for your help, Captain. We're complete strangers to you but we owe you our lives.
JANEWAY: I regret that we weren't able to save your husband as well.
NORI: I know your medical staff did everything they could, and Kes has been so kind and compassionate that I don't think I could be making it through this time without her.
ADIN: I certainly hope that bringing us home won't take us too far out of your way.
JANEWAY: Not at all. We'll reach Ilari in less than two days.
ADIN: When we arrive I'm sure that the Autarch will want to thank you personally.
JANEWAY: I'll be very pleased to meet him.

[Holodeck - Paxau Resort]

NEELIX: Oh. Hello, B'Elanna.
TORRES: Good to see you too.
NEELIX: I was hoping you'd be Kes. She was supposed to meet me here twenty minutes ago. It's not like her to be late.
TORRES: She must have gotten held up with some work.
NEELIX: I wasn't sure you'd enjoy the programme with the new modifications Harry and Tom added.
TORRES: Well I've made a few modifications of my own. Thank you. Great programme, Neelix.
NEELIX: Computer, locate Kes.
COMPUTER: Kes is in Transporter Room One.

[Transporter Room one]

ADIN: Don't you worry about using a device that takes apart your molecules and sends them flying through space?
KES: There are all kinds of safely procedures and back-up systems to make sure nothing goes wrong.
NEELIX [OC]: Neelix to Kes.
KES: Kes here.
NEELIX [OC]: I hope you didn't forget our lunch date in the holodeck?
KES: I'm sorry, I'll be right there. I have to go. I'll see you later.

[Holodeck - Paxau Resort]

NEELIX: Are you feeling all right, sweeting?
KES: It's just a slight headache.
NEELIX: Well we should get you to sickbay.
KES: I'll be fine, really.
NEELIX: After lunch we could go out for a sail.
KES: That sounds nice, but can we do it some other time? I promised to show Nori and Adin the airponics bay this afternoon.
NEELIX: You certainly seem to have hit it off with our guests. You've been nearly inseparable since they got here.
KES: Nori really needs a friend right now. I want to be there for her, so I hope you understand I'll be busy with her and Adin for the next few days.
NEELIX: We can keep them busy together. I'll arrange so many fun activities Nori won't have time to be sad. We can start with a lovely picnic
KES: This is typical of you, Neelix.
NEELIX: What? Wanting to help?
KES: It bothers you that I'm making friends of my own. You always have to involve yourself somehow.
NEELIX: Why, I certainly don't mean to intrude on your friendships. You can spend time with anyone you want.
KES: As long as I still spend most of it with you.
NEELIX: No, I, I'd hope that you'd want to be with me, at least some of the time. It's not a duty or an obligation.
KES: Well sometimes it feels that way.
NEELIX: If you feel this way, why haven't you said so before?
KES: Maybe I never realised a relationship could be any different. I've never been with anyone but you. It might be a good idea for both of us to spend some time apart. I'm sorry.

Captains log, stardate 50348.1. We've entered orbit around Ilari and sent a message to the Autarch inviting him to visit the ship. Instead, he'll be sending an official representative.

[Transporter Room one]

NORI: The Autarch might have taken a personal interest in our welfare.
JANEWAY: I'm sure he does. Our message made it very clear that you had both completely recovered.
ADIN: I'm so glad you could join us.
JANEWAY: Beam our guest aboard. I'm Captain Kathryn Janeway


TUVOK: Commander, a phaser has been fired in Transporter Room One.
CHAKOTAY: Bridge to Janeway.

[Transporter Room one]

JANEWAY: Emergency in Transporter Room - oh!
TIERAN-KES: They've activated a security alert. Secure the door like I showed you.


KIM: There's a transport in progress.
CHAKOTAY: Block it!
KIM: I'm locked out. Commander, it's one of the shuttlecraft. Someone is beaming it into space.

[Transporter Room one]

NORI: They're right outside the door.
TIERAN-KES: Everyone on the transporter pad now!
ADIN: You're sure this is safe?
TIERAN-KES: Maybe you'd rather stay here.


KIM: Commander, three people just beamed to the shuttle. The two Ilarii and Kes.
CHAKOTAY: Lock on the tractor beam.
PARIS: I'm trying, but the shields around the shuttle have been altered. They're scattering the beam.
CHAKOTAY: Target phasers at their engine core, just enough to knock out propulsion.
PARIS: It's too late, they've gone to warp.
CHAKOTAY: Set a course to follow them.
PARIS: I can't find the shuttle's warp trail. There's no sign of them on long range sensors.
TUVOK [OC]: Transporter room to Bridge. Ensign Martin and the Ilari representative are dead. The Captain is injured and has been beamed to sickbay.
CHAKOTAY: Acknowledged.
KIM: It looks like the shuttle's plasma injectors were remodulated to suppress their warp signature.
CHAKOTAY: You wouldn't think it was possible to make those adjustments so quickly.
KIM: It takes some incredibly precise calibrations. Someone on that shuttle really knows what they're doing.


ADIN: They didn't follow us.
TIERAN-KES: Of course not. They're still trying to figure out what happened.
NORI: What's wrong? Does your head hurt?
TIERAN-KES: A little. It's nothing.
NORI: Adin should take a look.
TIERAN-KES: I said it's nothing! You're worse than that Talaxian.
ADIN: We're in position over the encampment now. Looks like Resh's assembled the troops right on schedule. Four hundred men just waiting for your orders.
TIERAN-KES: Maybe we should give them some.
RESH: What is this? Nori, I heard your ship had been destroyed.
TIERAN-KES: You didn't think I'd let a little accident stop me, do you?
RESH: That's Tieran?
TIERAN-KES: The host body you were expecting is dead. Fortunately a young nurse was with me at the right time and she's provided me with a very suitable replacement.
RESH: Oh, I'm very relieved you survived.
TIERAN-KES: Oh, I'm sure you are, at least for your own ambitions. I want you to advance my troops to the northern ridge.
RESH: But we can't go ahead with the attack now!
TIERAN-KES: Are you questioning my orders?
RESH: This is insane. We've spent years planning this, every move, every detail, and now suddenly our leader's been reduced to a little girl.
TIERAN-KES: I've been exploring the mind of this little girl and I've discovered some rather interesting abilities. She had barely begun to tap into them. It's a good thing I came along. I'm sure all that wasted potential can be turned to a greater purpose. Now, should I continue the demonstration or do I have your loyalty?
RESH: You shall have it. Sir.

Captain's log, stardate 50351.4. We're holding a meeting with Demmas, the Autarch's eldest son and heir, in an effort to understand the recent hostile activity.

[Briefing Room]

DEMMAS: I'm sure they really wanted to kill my father. He's the one they invited up to your ship. Nori and Adin are known to be political extremists.
JANEWAY: How could Kes be involved.
DEMMAS: I may be able to explain that. You mentioned that she was with the third patient when he died?
EMH: That's right. Why?
DEMMAS: I believe your crewmember has been inhabited by the consciousness of a very dangerous man, named Tieran.
NEELIX: Who is that? What does he want with Kes?
DEMMAS: Oh, I know exactly what he wants. To overthrow my family's government and to reinstate himself as the Autarch.
TUVOK: He has held title before?
DEMMAS: Tieran ruled Ilari over two centuries ago. He was a war hero, a brilliant military leader. He brought security and stability during a difficult time in our history. But in peacetime he began to treat his own subjects as enemies. He became convinced everyone was a potential traitor.
CHAKOTAY: At some point your people must have rebelled.
DEMMAS: They did, led by one of my ancestors. They laid siege to the Imperial Hall for over a year and the city around it was burned to the ground, but Tieran was finally defeated.
TUVOK: And yet you believe that he, or at least his consciousness, has survived.
DEMMAS: During his reign he became obsessed with his own mortality. He spent most of his time, and Ilari's resources, searching for ways to overcome death. Somehow he's discovered a way to transfer his own mind into someone else's body, as he's done with Kes.
NEELIX: So he's been controlling her.
DEMMAS: Yes. Completely.
NEELIX: But she, he knew things about Kes's life. He acted enough like Kes to fool us all. The real Kes must still be in there somewhere.
DEMMAS: Tieran may have access to her memories and her feelings, but the Kes you know is lost. I'm very sorry.
JANEWAY: I'm not prepared to accept that yet. Examine the body of the man who died. We need more information about how the transfer works if we want to get Kes back.
DEMMAS: That's certainly worth exploring, Captain, but our priority must be to stop Tieran. By force if necessary. Voyager is a powerful ship.
JANEWAY: You may be considering force, but my only intention is to rescue Kes and remove Tieran's consciousness. That should suit both our interests.
DEMMAS: You don't understand what's at stake here Captain. You must help me to defend my people.
PARIS [OC]: Bridge to the Captain.
JANEWAY: Go ahead.
PARIS [OC]: We've located the missing shuttle.
JANEWAY: On my way. Let's hope we can put an end to this right now.


PARIS: They entered orbit, then dropped their shields and cut their engines.
KIM: There's a residual trace of transporter activity. Looks like four people beamed from the shuttle to the surface.
DEMMAS: They're in the main chamber of the Imperial Hall.
JANEWAY: Lock onto those patterns and beam them back to Voyager.
KIM: I can't. Some kind of interference has gone up around the whole structure.
DEMMAS: He's after my family, my father and brother are down there.

[Imperial Hall - Council Chamber]

TIERAN-KES: Ah, the venerated Autarch. I've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.
AMERON: Father!
TIERAN-KES: Where's his brother?
RESH: He should have been here.
TIERAN-KES: Get him out of here, lock him up!
ADIN: I think I've located the brother. According to security logs Demmas was transported to Voyager over an hour ago.
TIERAN-KES: He's going to be a problem but we'll have to deal with him at another time. Give me the talisman. This was stolen from me two hundred years ago and I've dedicated every moment since to putting it back where it belongs.
ADIN: Loyalty and service to the new Autarch.
NORI: Loyalty and service.

TIERAN-KES: I want you to pay a visit to my supporters in Nuro province. Give them all new titles, whatever I promised. And of course I couldn't overlook your faithful service. I think the title First Castallan suits you very well. I feel like I've finally come home again. The trouble is I left it. My portrait should be hanging here. As for the rest of this nonsense, it's nothing more than a useless display of wealth. As if the First Autarch needs to impress anyone. I want it all cleared out of here. Everything should look as it did during my reign! I trust you'll take care of all that. And we'll need some new servants too. What is it, you don't look happy.
NORI: I'm happy that we've accomplished our goal, but there have been some unexpected changes and I don't know how they'll affect our future together. I don't even know if I'm still your wife.
TIERAN-KES: Forgive me, I haven't considered how unsettling this must be for you. Don't worry, you know how much I depend on you. Your loyalty and encouragement have helped make this victory possible. I'll share everything with you just as I always promised.
Guard: Autarch!
TIERAN-KES: Now I'm afraid I have business to attend to. Leave him here. Everyone else is dismissed. Ameron, you and I haven't had a chance to get acquainted. I'm Tieran.
AMERON: Tieran!
TIERAN-KES: I like the way you say that. You and I didn't get off to a very good start, did we.
AMERON: You murdered my father right in front of me.
TIERAN-KES: I shouldn't have let you watch that. I'm sorry, but his death was necessary to make room for his successor.
AMERON: Demmas is the rightful heir, not you.
TIERAN-KES: How many times have people said the very same thing to you? It must have been hard to hear, every day, the constant reminder that your brother is destined to be ruler just because he was lucky enough to be born first. I don't think that's fair, do you?
AMERON: It's the law.
TIERAN-KES: Doesn't have to be. It can change. Demmas is off hiding on some alien ship and you're here, with me. I'm sure it's an opportunity you've always dreamed of, to prove that you're really the natural leader and not just a weak copy of your father. Now you can have that chance if you're willing to take it.
AMERON: You mean if I join you.
TIERAN-KES: We have so much to offer each other. Your heritage would help solidify my claim and in return I could give you power, real power to control the lives of millions. To reward your friends, punish your enemies, everything you want can be yours for the asking. Everything.
AMERON: After what you've done?
TIERAN-KES: That's all in the past. You should be thinking about the future. Would you rather be a martyr to your brother's cause, or rule by my side?

Captain's log, supplemental. Demmas has decided to remain on board Voyager for the time being, but continues to monitor the worsening situation on Ilari.

[Ready toom]

DEMMAS: This coup attempt is turning my people against each other. They're splitting into factions, mine and Tieran's.
TUVOK: Whom does the law recognise as Autarch?
DEMMAS: Officially I inherited my father's title upon his death. But this isn't a matter of law, it's about loyalty. Some people will follow whoever has more power and right now that's Tieran. He's gaining support everyday. He's already recruited some of my less reliable allies, which may include my brother, Ameron.
JANEWAY: Your brother? I assumed he'd been killed.
DEMMAS: So did I until I learned otherwise from sources on Ilari. Tieran spared his life no doubt in order to win his loyalty. Ameron's always been easily swayed.
TUVOK: And you believe he would betray you.
DEMMAS: That's very possible. And if he does there will be no way to avoid a civil war. I must strike now before Tieran is fully prepared!
JANEWAY: There are always alternatives to war. Before you send in your fleet I suggest we hear from the Doctor and consider the possibility of removing Tieran from Kes safely.


EMH: I've identified the transfer mechanism. This cortical implant was automatically activated at the moment of death. It enhanced Tieran's neural pattern and sent it out along the peripheral nerves. The actual transfer took place through these bio-electric microfibres. When they came into direct contact with Kes they transmitted Tieran's pattern up through her nervous system and into her brain.
DEMMAS: I assume Tieran would implant a device like this in his new body as quickly as possible.
TUVOK: Perhaps we can use that to our advantage.
EMH: My thoughts exactly. This synaptic stimulator will tap into the implant in Kes's body and remove the alien neural pattern so that her own consciousness can take over.
DEMMAS: Yes, but how close would you have to get to use this device?
EMH: To be fully effective it would have to come in direct contact with her skin.
DEMMAS: If I could get anywhere near her I'd use a thoron rifle to be absolutely sure.
JANEWAY: Not if you want my help. Kes is still a member of this crew under my protection.
DEMMAS: I'm very sorry she got caught in the middle of this, Captain, but too many other innocent lives have already been lost. Including my father's.
JANEWAY: Then let's work together to prevent any more deaths. Don't risk the lives of your soldiers until you've exhausted every other option.
DEMMAS: What exactly do you suggest.
TUVOK: If Tieran is anticipating an attack by your fleet, he may not be guarding as carefully against an individual infiltrating the Imperial Hall. I believe I would be able to get close enough to Kes to use the Doctor's device.
JANEWAY: Your knowledge of the Hall and it's defences would be invaluable to us.
DEMMAS: All right, we'll try your strategy.

[Imperial Hall - Council Chamber]

ADIN: The new cortical implant looks fine. Let me just make sure it's connecting properly to the nerve pathways.
TIERAN-KES: Do something about these headaches while you're at it. They make it difficult to concentrate.
ADIN: That's an entirely different problem. This body isn't accepting your neural pattern very easily. She wasn't a willing host like the others.
TIERAN-KES: She's been resisting me all right. I can feel her in the back of my mind somewhere like a trapped animal, rattling her cage. She's a lot of spirit. It's invigorating.
ADIN: Your neural pattern may become unstable if you stay in this host. Now that we've got the transfer mechanism in place I suggest you use it to move into a more compatible body.
TIERAN-KES: No. I like this one. Particularly the unique mental abilities that come with it.
ADIN: Consider the risks!
TIERAN-KES: Do you really think a child like this poses any threat to me. I've been fighting worse battles since the day I was born. When the doctor said I wouldn't live past my first year I proved them wrong. Even when my parents thought I was too sickly to be worth caring for I survived on the streets. Even when my own ungrateful subjects forced me into exile I refused to accept defeat. I certainly won't surrender to this little girl! You will not suggest it again.

RESH: Demmas has acquired two more ships.
ADIN: There are reports that his fleet are massing behind the fifth moon. We should make a pre-emptive strike.
TIERAN-KES: Not on the basis of an unsubstantiated rumour. Let him come to us, we'll be ready.
NORI: I'm told that the Viceroy of Genarr is ready to give you his support in exchange for more territory.
TIERAN-KES: When did corruption become so commonplace? My people are crying out for moral leadership. I should make an example out of this Viceroy.
ADIN: What's wrong?
TIERAN-KES: There's someone.
NORI: Tieran?
TIERAN-KES: There's a familiar presence in this room. Not any of you. Someone from this body's previous life. Someone she knew well. Seal the room! We have an uninvited guest.
RESH: Everyone stay where you are.
NORI: Who is he?
TIERAN-KES: Someone very good at concealing himself and his thoughts. A disciplined, logical mind. You made it this far without being detected but you didn't realise how much more perceptive I've become. Typical Vulcan arrogance. It's touching really, your concern for the life of your little student, risking yourself in a hopeless effort to save her.
RESH: Get that off!
NORI: Are you all right?
TIERAN-KES: Yes, I'm fine, and still perfectly in control of this body, but my compliments on your clever medical technology.
NORI: An attack on the Autarch is punishable by death.
TIERAN-KES: She's so protective of me, but I think Voyager's tactical officer might be more useful to me alive.
TUVOK: You know that I won't provide you with any information.
TIERAN-KES: You'd be surprised how often I've heard that.

[Detention cell]

TIERAN-KES: Who helped you get past my security? Who betrayed me?
TUVOK: I had no assistance.
TIERAN-KES: What will Janeway do when you don't come back? Send someone else? Join Demmas in an assault?
TUVOK: I have no knowledge of the Captain's plans.
TIERAN-KES: She must have discussed alternate strategies with you before you came on this mission.
TUVOK: She did not.
TIERAN-KES: I suppose I could threaten you, or torture you, but I doubt that would make any difference.
TUVOK: You are correct.
TIERAN-KES: Fortunately I have other options. Now with these new abilities it's a simple matter to reach into someone's mind. With some people it's effortless. Others require a little more work. Do you really think you can keep me away from your innermost thoughts? Your fears and insecurities? Your feelings? I sense an embarrassment at being captured, worry about how strong I really am, and of course there's anger. That's the emotion that really threatens your control. So you try even harder to hide from me. I feel those mental barriers going up. Do you notice that it doesn't seem to be working? As if someone were disrupting your ability to concentrate. [telepathically] It's a helpless feeling, isn't it.
TUVOK: You will not break my control.
TIERAN-KES: [telepathically] Not break you, free you from all that repression. All you have to do is let go. I can help you release your own strength and give you what you've always secretly desired.
TUVOK: I have never desired Kes.
TIERAN-KES: [telepathically] All those hours you spent alone together, all those intimate moments touching each other's minds, you never even wondered what it might be like?
KES: I'm here. I'm fighting him.
TUVOK: I had no doubt you would be.
KES: There are times when he's weaker I can almost break through.
TUVOK: Tap into his strengths and make them your own.
KES: Losing hold.
TUVOK: I am with you. Don't let go.

Captain's log stardate 50361.7. Lieutenant Tuvok hasn't reported for our scheduled rendezvous and we've been unable to contact him. We're now considering other more forceful options.

[Briefing Room]

JANEWAY: Our team will beam down to the surface approximately two kilometres from the palace. Demmas and his advance guard will meet us there.
NEELIX: Captain, I request permission to go with you on the rescue team. I had basic combat training on Talax. All right, very basic, but I've also been participating in tactical exercises with this crew every month. I have a lifetime of experience thinking on my feet, and you know I'll do everything in my power to make this mission a success.
JANEWAY: Consider yourself drafted.
DEMMAS: The detection grid will make a surprise attack difficult.
PARIS: Well then, we'll have to find a way to knock out the grid.
KIM: I've been scanning it for weaknesses. The system goes through a maintenance cycle every ten hours. There are a few seconds when it might be vulnerable to a narrow band EM pulse.
CREWMAN [OC]: Bridge to the Captain. You have an incoming transmission from the planet.
JANEWAY: Put it through.
TIERAN-KES [on monitor]: Captain, you failed.
JANEWAY: What do you mean?
TIERAN-KES [on monitor]: I'm still in control. Your little device was useless and Tuvok is my prisoner. I suggest you call off your new rescue mission before we lose any more members of your crew.
DEMMAS: You've made a bad guess, Tieran. There will be no more rescues.
TIERAN-KES [on monitor]: My guess is that you've discovered the convenient weakness in the detection grid. If you attempt to take advantage of it I'll have twice as many soldiers waiting for you.
CHAKOTAY: If this was meant to be a trap, why tell us about it?
TIERAN-KES [on monitor]: I'm really not a monster. I have no quarrel with Voyager. Your crew did save my life once when my ship was about to explode. I haven't forgotten that. This has been a friendly warning, Captain, but it's the last one. Now, I strongly suggest that you accept your losses and be on your way. You have thirty seconds to leave orbit.

[Imperial Hall -Council Chamber]

TIERAN-KES: Send two of my warships to intercept Voyager.
ADIN: You're not well.
TIERAN-KES: If you can't do anything about this pain, leave me alone.
ADIN: You need to get some sleep.
TIERAN-KES: No, she's there when I sleep.
ADIN:> She?
TIERAN-KES: Kes! Who else.
ADIN: You can't stay awake for the rest of your life.
RESH: Voyager's leaving orbit.
TIERAN-KES: Let them go.
RESH: Yes, sir, but, with all due respect, why? Demmas is on that ship. Our warships are in position to destroy it.
TIERAN-KES: I told them they could go and I keep my word. I don't have to explain myself to you. Get out! Everyone! Clear the room now!

[Inside Kes's head]

KES: You're losing, Tieran. Why won't you admit it?
TIERAN: I will admit that you surprised me. Who would have imagined that such fierce determination existed within that deceptively frail body.
KES: Don't continue to underestimate me. Release me or I'll force you out.
TIERAN: My dear, why should we be enemies? Why waste the energy in conflict when we could achieve so much more by co-operating.
KES: You're contemptible, Tieran. I won't be any part of your plans.
TIERAN: You're already a part of them. You and I have killed together, remember, and you will continue to serve my will. You really have no choice. Wouldn't it be wiser to join me? To take advantage of all I have to offer. You may find that you enjoy having power. I assure you, it is the finest aphrodisiac there is.
KES: That may work with others, but it won't with me.
TIERAN: So, you insist on making this a battle. How foolish.
KES: It's a battle I intend to win.
TIERAN: Brave words. You've been an annoyance to me, nothing more.
KES: I've been more to you than that and you know it. I'm fighting you with every bit of strength I have and it's wearing you down. You're becoming more unstable every day. The headaches alone are almost more than you can stand.
TIERAN: I've suffered pain all my life. It's going to take more than headaches to stop me.
KES: I know all about your life, I know about your suffering. It doesn't justify what you've become. You're a monster, Tieran, and I have no compassion for you.
TIERAN: And I don't ask for any. What I need from you I already have - your body and your mind.
KES: You may have my body but you'll never have my mind. I won't surrender it.
TIERAN: You resist and try to fight me, but eventually I will defeat you. I haven't existed for two centuries to be brought down by a child!
KES: You're already deteriorating and it's only going to get worse. I'll find every little crack in your defences. You'll feel yourself crumbling from within, your sanity slipping away. I won't stop until you're broken and helpless. There's nowhere you can go to get away from me. I'll be relentless and merciless, just like you.

[Imperial Hall - Council Chamber]

KES: What are you doing?
ADIN: You were in such a deep sleep I had to use a stimulant to bring you out of it. Your neural stress levels are extremely erratic. This has gone too far! You must transfer out of this body before it destroys you.
TIERAN-KES: I told you not to say that ever again! As you can see, I'm in full command of my faculties. This momentary lapse will pass and I'll be stronger than ever! Stronger than ever! Stronger than ever. Stronger than..

TIERAN-KES: My friends, we have much to celebrate tonight. Our recent victory, the consolidation of power among those who are loyal to us and the fact that Ilari is poised on the bring of what will be it's greatest era of prosperity. But there's another occasion that's cause for celebration, one that is perhaps the most joyous of all. I'd like to present my husband-to-be. (to Nori) Don't be upset, it's only a political alliance. Ameron will bring the support of Demmas's troops. Ah, tell me you still love me.
NORI: You know I love you.
TIERAN-KES: Ameron! And Nori. You have both been essential to my success and I want you to be close friends. I want us all to be very, very close. Ah, Nori, don't make me doubt your loyalty. I'm not listening to you!
RESH: Sir, enemy ships are approaching. At least twenty. It's Demmas's fleet with Voyager.
TIERAN-KES: I assume our ships are moving to intercept them?
RESH: Yes, but we are outnumbered.
TIERAN-KES: I've always fought against the odds. My fleet will defeat them.
RESH: All the same, I recommend taking some precautions. We should get you to the reinforced shelter
TIERAN-KES: This is a celebration to announce my marriage. I won't allow Demmas to make me run like some frightened animal. Join us. Food and drink for my First Castallan. I told you to join us. Drink! Eat! I want all of you to enjoy yourselves. My charitable projects, how are they progressing? When do we break ground for the new libraries?
NORI: Soon.
TIERAN-KES: Good. I want my people to know I have their welfare at heart. Tomorrow we'll send out an edict. Every citizen must have a garden.
NORI: A garden?
TIERAN-KES: I love plants, flowers, anything that grows. Some of the times I felt most content were those spent watching the seedlings grow in the airponics..
RESH: They've made it through our defences. They're sending down ground forces.
TIERAN-KES: That's impossible! You're lying!
RESH: I'm sending additional troops to the defensive positions. Activating full security measures. That ought to hold them off, but we have to go now.
TIERAN-KES: Anyone who tries to leave this room will be shot as a traitor.
RESH: Look for yourself!
TIERAN-KES: This has to be a trick, a ruse of some kind. That's what they're doing, they're creating a distraction to draw my attention away from their real plan.
NORI: Tieran, please, they're coming.
TIERAN-KES: They must have sent an infiltrator. We have an intruder! I know you're here somewhere, Tuvok, you don't realise how perceptive I've become. I know you're here!

[Detention Cell]

PARIS: Tuvok!
TUVOK: Mister Paris.
PARIS: No time for a tearful reunion. We've got to get you out of here. Some day you're going to have to show me how you do that.

[Imperial Hall - Council Chamber]

NORI: Don't give in, stay with me. Tieran!
TIERAN-KES: Still here.
NORI: Fight it, you must fight it, Tieran. Please keep fighting.
JANEWAY: Do you have the device ready? Now!
NEELIX: They're getting away.
CHAKOTAY: I'll cover you.
NORI: We've got to get out, find a doctor and get you stabilised or transferred to a new host. You will survive.
NEELIX: Kes! Stop, please, stay there. Just let me get to you and this will all be over.
AMERON: Tieran!
KES: Tieran?
NEELIX: He's gone.
KES: No he isn't, he's still here. He moved onto someone else before you used this. He wanted you to think he'd been destroyed, but he's hiding in a new host. I know you too well, Tieran.
TIERAN-AMERON: No! You can't do this!
KES: He died a long time ago. Now it's time to let go. Demmas, it's over.

[Tuvok's Quarters]

TUVOK: Your thoughts are a turbulent ocean. Visualize yourself floating above them.
KES: I can't. I've been using all the meditations you've taught me but they're not helping.
TUVOK: You must be patient and allow yourself sufficient time. Don't attempt to deny the emotional impact of your experience.
KES: How can I worry about my own well-being when so many people have suffered and died?
TUVOK: You were not responsible for Tieran's actions.
KES: I can't help wondering if I could have fought harder.
TUVOK: It was your absolute refusal to surrender which defeated him. You cannot ask more of yourself than that.
KES: Everything seems so different now. My thoughts and perceptions, even my relationships with my closest friends - you, the Doctor, Neelix. How can I go back to my normal life as if nothing ever happened?
TUVOK: You cannot. This experience will force you to adapt. You are no longer the same person, and the course of your life will change as a result. Where that new course leads is up to you.

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