Fair Trade
Stardate: 50437.8
Original Airdate: January 8, 1997


NEELIX: Mister Tuvok! Mister Tuvok! I was supposed to accompany you on security rounds this morning. Did you forget?
TUVOK: I was not aware that we had a definite appointment.
NEELIX: I'm sure it was definite. Well, maybe not completely definite. That is, I, I'd expressed my desire to learn the ropes as it were, and I have completed my study of starship security protocols. I think you'll find that I'm fully qualified to serve in the capacity of a Starfleet security officer. Junior grade, of course.
TUVOK: If you recall, Mister Neelix, I did not guarantee you a position.
NEELIX: But Captain Janeway is always saying that Voyager is a ship of opportunity.
TUVOK: That is true, but opportunities for promotion on a starship must be earned.
NEELIX: I've been working hard at this. I really do feel I have a great deal to contribute to Voyager beyond my current role.
TUVOK: Your dedication is duly noted, Mister Neelix. Now if you'll excuse me, I am due on the bridge.
NEELIX: I'll see you first thing tomorrow morning for security rounds!


TORRES: Ensign Vorik. Get me a duotronic probe, I'm having trouble regulating the plasma flow.
(Vorik is a Vulcan.)
VORIK: May I suggest a gravitic caliper instead? You might find it a more precise instrument.
TORRES: Good idea, but bring me both.
NEELIX: Good morning, B'Elanna. You missed my special Klingon Breakfast Buffet.
TORRES: I'm sorry Neelix, but a bowl of cold gagh is not my idea of how to start a morning.
NEELIX: Well, you're not alone. None of the crew seemed especially enthusiastic about it. What's the problem with er, the plasma injectors? I've been getting myself up to speed on Federation warp propulsion.
TORRES: The plasma flow in the manifold seems to be constricted.
NEELIX: Ah. Have you thought of phase locking them to the dilithium matrix?
TORRES: That was the first thing I did.
NEELIX: Oh. I really am interested in learning more about engineering systems, maybe even volunteering for a few duty shifts. In fact, I have a couple of questions about the impulse response filters.
TORRES: Neelix, Neelix, this really isn't a good time.
NEELIX: Oh. I understand, Lieutenant. Sorry. I'll just watch for a while, if you don't mind.
VORIK: Here are the tools, sir.
NEELIX: I also had a question about the transporter buffers.
JANEWAY [OC]: Mister Neelix, please report to the bridge.
NEELIX: On my way, Captain.


JANEWAY: Neelix, we seem to be approaching some kind of interstellar dust clouds. Can you tell us anything about them? They look rather ominous to me.
NEELIX: I believe this is a region of space known as the Nekrit Expanse.
(The dust clouds are purple.)
JANEWAY: What can you tell us about this Expanse, Mister Neelix?
NEELIX: It's a vast territory. No one knows much about it.
JANEWAY: Those plasma storms might be a problem for navigation. Full sensor scan, Tuvok.
TUVOK: Aye, Captain.
CHAKOTAY: Can we plot a course around it?
NEELIX: That might be advisable.
TUVOK: I don't believe so. It's thousands of light years wide.
JANEWAY: Then we'll have to go through it. Looks like we'll be counting on your knowledge of the Delta quadrant even more than usual, Neelix.
NEELIX: Yes, ma'am. I'm at your command, as always.
JANEWAY: Will there be any planets where we can take on supplies?
NEELIX: There is a station near the border, a kind of supply depot for mining and trading ships. I suggest we stop there for provisions before we go into the Nekrit Expanse.
JANEWAY: What are the coordinates?
NEELIX: Er, let's see. It's actually been a while.
CHAKOTAY: I have the station on sensors, Captain. Three point four light years away, heading oh seven one mark one seven.
JANEWAY: You heard him, Tom.
PARIS: On our way.
(Later -)
TUVOK: We're being hailed, Captain.
JANEWAY: On screen. I'm Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager.
BAHRAT [on viewscreen]: Bahrat, manager of this station. What can I do for you?
(He doesn't look up from monitoring different screens.)
JANEWAY: Your station is a trading outpost, isn't it? I'd like permission to come aboard to negotiate for supplies.
(Now he looks up.)
BAHRAT [on viewscreen]: Granted. But understand that any transaction you negotiate on this station is subject to my approval. I receive a twenty percent commission on all trade. Your whereabouts will be closely monitored. Communications with your ship may also be monitored, at my discretion. Do you agree to these conditions?
JANEWAY: Evidently I have no choice
BAHRAT [on viewscreen]: Excellent. Meet me in my office in one hour and we'll discuss your needs.
(Transmission ends.)
PARIS: Pleasant fellow.
JANEWAY: Neelix, Chakotay, Tom. You're with me.

[Bahrat's office]

JANEWAY: Mister Bahrat?
BAHRAT: What is it?
JANEWAY: I'm Kathryn Janeway. I've brought a list of the supplies we'll need.
BAHRAT: Forgive me, but it's demanding work watching over this station. We get all kinds of troublemakers here.
JANEWAY: I understand.
BAHRAT: All right, let's see it. Hmm. Hmm mmm. Hmm! Pergium.
JANEWAY: To regenerate the filters on our environmental control system.
BAHRAT: That might be a little difficult. It's a rare commodity. Give me a few moments and I'll put together a list of potential suppliers. But I'll warn you, they won't strike easy bargains.
JANEWAY: I'm prepared to deal fairly.

[Station promenade]

(Paris and Chakotay are approached by a grey-faced alien with downturned mouth, wearing a robe with a hood.)
SUTOK: Good day, gentlemen, good day. Anything in particular you're looking for? Anything I can help you with?
CHAKOTAY: We were hoping to find some magnetic spindle bearings for our reaction control assembly.
SUTOK: Spindle bearing, spindle bearings. No, can't help you with that. No. Long voyage ahead?
PARIS: Er, you could say that.
SUTOK: I might have something that could ease your journey. Ease it considerably. Rhuludian crystals. Ingesting just one of these will make days of tedious travel seem like moments of exquisite rapture.
PARIS: No, thank you.
SUTOK: The price is surprisingly
PARIS: Nice place.
(Elsewhere, Neelix approaches a slightly more humanoid person.)
NEELIX: I see you're a map dealer.
MAP DEALER: I have coordinate charts for all the local mining colonies.
NEELIX: Actually, I'm interested in maps of the Nekrit Expanse.
MAP DEALER: You must be a stranger here or you'd know. There aren't any maps of that region.
NEELIX: Surely there's an astrometric chart or a database that would help me plot a safe course?
MAP DEALER: The Nekrit Expanse is too unstable to chart.
(Another Talaxian joins them.)
WIXIBAN: No matter. He never could plot a straight course anyway.
NEELIX: Wixiban? Wix, is that you? I can't believe it!
WIXIBAN: What are you doing here? I've never seen another Talaxian this far from home.
NEELIX: It's a long story. I'm one of the crew of a highly advanced starship.
WIXIBAN: Ah! I want to hear all about it. Come on, the tavern here serves the best toffa ale I've had in years.

[Station tavern]

NEELIX: I do a little of everything. Cook, guide, advisor to the Captain, possibly even an unofficial Ambassador.
WIXIBAN: Oh ho, ho. Life's been good to you.
NEELIX: Yes, I'm very, I'm very lucky. But what about you? What are you doing on this station?
WIXIBAN: A little of this, a little of that. To tell you the truth, things haven't gone quite so well for me.
NEELIX: I'm sorry.
WIXIBAN: Ever since that nasty business with the Ubeans, things have been difficult. But, you know me, can't keep Wix down long. I'm working on a trade deal now that should put me right back in the thick of things again.
NEELIX: I hope it works out. Er, Wix, about the Ubeans. I don't think I ever told you how much I valued what you did.
WIXIBAN: You'd have done the same for me.
NEELIX: Yes, I would have. But you were the one who got caught. I owe you a great deal. If there's anything I can do to help.
WIXIBAN: I'm fine, honestly. Maybe not on the crew of a magnificent starship, but I'll get by.
NEELIX: To tell you the truth, it's not quite what I told you. In fact I may not be on Voyager much longer.
NEELIX: The main reason Captain Janeway needed me was as a guide, to give her information about this quadrant. But I've never been beyond the Nekrit Expanse. I can't tell her anything about what's ahead.
WIXIBAN: But, your other jobs. Cook, Ambassador.
NEELIX: They don't really need a cook, and I don't think our Captain really requires an Ambassador. I've tried to find some other area where I might be useful, but, the truth is, I'm not needed. I'm hoping you can help me. I can't let Voyager go into that dangerous without some idea of what's there. I have to find a map.

[Mess hall]

(Neelix drops a pan of something.)
VORIK: Can I be of help, Mister Neelix?
NEELIX: Dinner isn't for an hour, Ensign Vorik, and I don't have time to prepare a snack.
VORIK: I don't require food at the moment. Lieutenant Torres sent me to adjust the control interface on your food replicators. You said you were experiencing difficulties with them.
NEELIX: Oh, of course. Go ahead.
(Chakotay enters with Wixiban.)
CHAKOTAY: Neelix. I thought you'd like to say hello to your old friend.
NEELIX: Well, er, yes. Yes, of course.
WIXIBAN: So, this is where you prepare your legendary feasts. You know, Commander, Neelix has more varied talents than anyone I've ever known. You're lucky to have him on board.
CHAKOTAY: Mister Wix was able to find those magnetic spindle bearings we were looking for. I don't know what we'd have done if he hadn't come up them.
NEELIX: Well, yes, Wix has always had a knack for finding those hard to locate items.
CHAKOTAY: I'll let you two reminisce for a while. Thanks again, Wix.
WIXIBAN: You're more than welcome.
(Chakotay leaves.)
NEELIX: Yes, this is the Mess room. On any given day I must be prepared to feed over a hundred people. About done, Ensign?
VORIK: Not quite.
NEELIX: Well I really don't need the replicators today, so you can finish later.
VORIK: As you wish.
NEELIX: Oh, and remind Lieutenant Torres. When she has a moment, I'd still like to go over a few things with her.
VORIK: I'll relay the message.
NEELIX: Thank you.
(Vorik leaves.)
NEELIX: Wix, please tell me those spindle bearings weren't stolen property.
WIXIBAN: Of course not. I wouldn't do that to you. Neelix, I need the work. I don't live on a comfortable starship. No one looks out for me except me. Maybe you've forgotten what that feels like.
NEELIX: I haven't forgotten.
WIXIBAN: I've been stuck on that trash heap of a space station for three years. My ship's been impounded. I can't afford to give Bahrat what he wants to get it back. Do you begrudge me an opportunity to make a fair trade?
NEELIX: Of course not.
WIXIBAN: I have news for you. I've located some pergium for your ship.
NEELIX: That's great news. Captain Janeway hasn't had any luck.
WIXIBAN: And I've found someone with a map.
NEELIX: Wonderful! How do we get it?
WIXIBAN: It'll involve several bartering sessions. I have the opportunity to sell medical supplies to an outpost whose people are dying of a lung disease. It's a good cause, and it will make me enough to pay Bahrat and get my ship back.
NEELIX: Where does the map come in?
WIXIBAN: When I deliver the medical supplies, one of the physicians will give me an astrometric chart.
NEELIX: I can't thank you enough.
WIXIBAN: I'll have to ask your help though. We'll need a shuttle. First, we have to get to a nearby freighter to pick up the medical supplies. Then we return to the space station and meet with one of the physicians from the outpost. With your transporter technology we could be in and out of the station within minutes. Then I could finally get away from here and get back to a Talaxian colony.
NEELIX: I don't think that would be a problem.
WIXIBAN: Just one thing. Don't tell anyone that we're delivering medical supplies to the station. Not even one person. If Bahrat finds out he'll take twenty percent, and I can't afford that.
NEELIX: I suppose there's no need to mention it.
WIXIBAN: Thanks, Neelix. I knew I could count on you.


WIXIBAN: Didn't I tell you this would be easy? I got the medical supplies and you got the pergium your ship needs so badly.
NEELIX: Only twenty kilogrammes. I told Commander Chakotay it would be forty five.
WIXIBAN: You're lucky to get what you did. Come on, Neelix, A few minutes more and we'll be done. And you'll have a map to help you through the Nekrit Expanse. What is the matter with you?
NEELIX: I don't like keeping the whole truth from Commander Chakotay. It's not honest.
WIXIBAN: I don't remember you ever being so squeamish about twisting the truth.
NEELIX: Wix, I'm not what I used to be.
WIXIBAN: Neither am I. We've both tried to change our lives. You've done it. Now I have the same chance. We're almost there. We should have your transporter take us to corridor fourteen L, near the outer docking ports. It's hardly ever used. Our contact will meet us there.
NEELIX: We're within transporter range. I've entered the coordinates.
(Wixiban takes a hand phaser from a locker.)
NEELIX: What are you doing?
WIXIBAN: This station is a dangerous place, and these supplies are valuable. We have to be able to defend ourselves.
NEELIX: You said this would be easy.
WIXIBAN: It's just a precaution. Let's go.
NEELIX: Computer, energise.

[Space Station - Corridor 14L]

NEELIX: Where's your contact?
WIXIBAN: He'll be here, don't worry.
NEELIX: I don't like this, meeting in dark passages late at night.
WIXIBAN: Sutok. This is my associate.
SUTOK: You have the supplies?
WIXIBAN: As promised.
(Sutok takes one of the vials. It glows in his hand.)
NEELIX: What's he doing?
WIXIBAN: Satisfied?
SUTOK: Completely.
NEELIX: What kind of medical supplies are those?
WIXIBAN: If you give me my payment, we'll be on our way.
SUTOK: Yes. I have it right here.
(Sutok steps behind some containers then shoots at them. Wixiban returns fire and hits Sutok.)
MAN: Stop them! Get his weapon!
(The case of supplies is snatched from Neelix.)
MAN: Someone's coming!
(The thieves run off as an alarm sounds.)
WIXIBAN: Neelix! Get us out of here.
NEELIX: Computer, two to beam up.


NEELIX: You lied to me from the beginning and I was foolish enough to believe you!
WIXIBAN: It should have been as easy as I said. I didn't know Sutok would try to steal the tubes.
NEELIX: Those aren't ordinary medical supplies. You failed to mention that.
WIXIBAN: They do have a medicinal application, but no one would pay what I was supposed to get if they were just simple medications.
NEELIX: They're narcotics, aren't they. Oh, you're up to your same old tricks. We have to talk to Captain Janeway as soon as we get back.
WIXIBAN: Do you really want to do that? How is it going to look to your shipmates when they find out you were once a contraband smuggler, and that you were involved in this ugly business tonight? You think your position on Voyager is precarious now? Wait till they discover the whole truth about you.
NEELIX: I can't just forget about this.
WIXIBAN: So you'd let Bahrat put me in cryostatic suspension? I guess you would. You did let me spend a year in that Ubean prison.
WIXIBAN: I never told you what it was like in there, did I? About eating worms to stay alive. Sleeping in a cell where the vermin chew on you all night. Being punished in ways you couldn't imagine.
NEELIX: All right! I won't say anything. But I don't want to have anything more to do with you. The debt is paid.

Captain's log, supplemental. I have called a meeting of the senior staff to inform them of some very disturbing news I have just received

[Briefing room]

(Torres and Neelix are the last to arrive. Bahrat is there.)
JANEWAY: There's been a murder aboard the station.
JANEWAY: I've been told that's not an uncommon occurrence here. The man who dies has been suspected of criminal activity. Mister Bahrat, however, discovered something at the scene of the killing that greatly concerns me.
BAHRAT: During my investigation I discovered some energy readings I couldn't identify, so I ran a spectral analysis.
JANEWAY: He showed me the analysis just a few minutes ago. It's a Federation phaser signature. Tuvok will be assisting Mister Bahrat in his investigation. I want to know how a weapon from Voyager could have been involved in this incident.
BAHRAT: The shooting took place in an abandoned section of the station. Security scanners were disabled. I'm reviewing other surveillance records, looking for anything that might help me apprehend whoever did this.
JANEWAY: I've promised Mister Bahrat the full cooperation of every member of this crew during his investigation. Dismissed.

[Tuvok's office]

NEELIX: You wanted to see me, Mister Tuvok?
TUVOK: Please, sit down. I examined the scene of the shooting and confirmed the Federation weapon signature. A type two phaser blast. Fourteen Voyager crewmembers were off the ship at the time of the incident.
NEELIX: I see.
TUVOK: Several traders from the station were aboard Voyager on the day of the incident. We can't rule out the possibility that one of them managed to steal a phaser.
NEELIX: I suppose not.
TUVOK: What can you tell me about your friend Wixiban?
TUVOK: Mister Chakotay reported that he was aboard Voyager.
NEELIX: Ah, yes. He delivered some magnetic bearings. We're more like acquaintances, not friends really. I haven't seen him in years.
TUVOK: Has he ever been involved in criminal activity?
NEELIX: I wouldn't know. I certainly don't think so.
TUVOK: I must question him, and I would appreciate your accompanying me.
NEELIX: Me? What could I do?
TUVOK: You may be able to help me evaluate the verisimilitude of his answers.
NEELIX: I see.
TUVOK: Please meet me in transporter room two at eighteen hundred hours.

[Station bar]

TUVOK: How much time did you spend aboard Voyager?
WIXIBAN: Probably less than an hour altogether.
TUVOK: Were you ever alone on the ship?
WIXIBAN: No. I was met by Mister Chakotay in your transporter room. Extraordinary experience, that transporter of yours. We delivered bearings to Lieutenant Torres, then Mister Chakotay and I paid a visit to my old friend Neelix in your mess hall.
TUVOK: Where were you at the time of the shooting?
WIXIBAN: In bed, asleep.
TUVOK: Can anyone corroborate that?
WIXIBAN: Alas, Mister Tuvok, I sleep alone.
TUVOK: That will be all for now, Mister Wix.
NEELIX: I'd like to stay for a glass of toffa ale.
TUVOK: As you wish, but please see me as soon as you return to the ship.
(Tuvok leaves.)
NEELIX: I'd forgotten how easy it is for you to lie.
WIXIBAN: You're not suggesting I tell him the truth?
NEELIX: Vulcan's aren't as easily fooled as you might think.
WIXIBAN: If you want to worry, I'll give you something to worry about.
WIXIBAN: The people I was conducting that transaction for aren't happy that they didn't get paid.
NEELIX: I thought this was your scheme?
WIXIBAN: Do you think I could have afforded those tubes? I was acting as an agent for some Kolaati traders. Do you know anything about the Kolaati? They're mean as fire snakes. They will kill us, and it won't be quick.
NEELIX: I can't believe this is happening. Why did I ever listen to you!
WIXIBAN: Neelix, it's all right. I've convinced them to take something else in payment. Something easily come by. They know about Voyager. They want a sample of your ship's warp plasma. They'll be able to use it to increase the efficiency of their engines.
NEELIX: No. It's wrong. I won't do it. This has to stop.
WIXIBAN: You should have thought of that in the beginning. You're in too deeply now.
NEELIX: The people on Voyager are my friends. I can't steal from them.
WIXIBAN: Friends? You've already told me they're ready to put you off the ship. You're living in a dream world. It's time to wake up. You're on your own, just as I am, and you're going to die a horrible death at the hands of the Kolaati unless you bring them three grammes of warp plasma. Do you understand that? I've already told them you'll do it. Meet me here tomorrow morning at nine hundred hours.

[Storage room]

PARIS: Hey, Neelix, what's up?
NEELIX: Oh, nothing. Just thought I might give you a hand with whatever it is you're doing.
PARIS: Oh, you may regret that. Chakotay and I have to pick up a supply of biomimetic gel tomorrow morning, and I am trying to find to find the container that is listed as the proper transport device. Starfleet standard issue L647X7.
NEELIX: Well, sounds like another set of eyes won't hurt. M34, no not that one. L647. No, it's Y6. Tom, if it's not too bold of me, I wonder if I could ask you something?
PARIS: Sure, anything.
NEELIX: I've heard you were in some trouble in the past. Spent time in prison.
PARIS: That's right.
NEELIX: Do you, would you, tell me how you got in trouble?
PARIS: I've thought a lot about that, and it comes down to one simple fact. I didn't tell the truth. I made a mistake, which happens to people, but if I'd admitted that mistake it would have been a lot better. But I lied about it, and it nearly ruined my life. Why do you ask?
NEELIX: Oh, no reason. Just wondered. Here's your container.
PARIS: After I've done here, a bunch of us are going to go down to the resort. Why don't you come along?
NEELIX: Thanks, but I'm going to turn in early. Maybe another time.
PARIS: Okay.


NEELIX: Good evening, Ensign.
VORIK: Mister Neelix.
NEELIX: I thought I'd log a little time in the Jefferies tubes, if that's all right.
VORIK: I was unaware you were officially on an engineering work detail.
NEELIX: Oh, it's not official, not at all, but Lieutenant Torres has been good enough to allow me to poke around here and there. As time permits, of course.
VORIK: She has mentioned your desire to become familiar with Starfleet engineering protocols. I see no reason why you can't proceed.
NEELIX: Thank you. Ensign Vorik.
VORIK: Yes, Mister Neelix?
NEELIX: You're quite young. Is it difficult for you being so far away from everything that's familiar?
VORIK: Had I been given the choice, I might not have chosen to explore the Delta Quadrant. However, since we are here, I must say the challenges are intriguing.
NEELIX: Voyager is a wonderful place to be. People here are very fortunate.
VORIK: I would concur.
(Neelix goes into the Jefferies tubes and climbs a ladder. At the appropriate place, he opens a wall panel and takes a warp plasma container from a bag. Then he closes his eyes.)

[Station promenade]

WIXIBAN: Did you get it? Where is it?
NEELIX: I have to talk to you.
WIXIBAN: Give it to me.
NEELIX: I didn't get the warp plasma.
NEELIX: I couldn't do it. I just couldn't. We have to tell the truth. It's the only way to make things right.
WIXIBAN: We're dead men, Neelix.
NEELIX: No. I have a plan.
BAHRAT: You two! Stay where you are!
WIXIBAN: Don't panic, stay calm.
BAHRAT: I said, stay where you are!
(Bahrat and his henchmen walk past Neelix and Wixiban, and go to Chakotay and Paris.)
PARIS: What is this?
BAHRAT: You two are under arrest.
PARIS: Arrest?
CHAKOTAY: What's the charge?
BAHRAT: Conspiring with known drug traffickers. And murder. Let's go!

[Bahrat's office]

(Bahrat shows Janeway and Tuvok surveillance footage of Chakotay and Paris talking with Sutok.)
BAHRAT: This is the criminal who was killed, and these are the two men we arrested.
JANEWAY: You can't seriously regard this as viable evidence.
BAHRAT: I realise it's circumstantial, but it is compelling.
JANEWAY: It proves absolutely nothing.
BAHRAT: It proves your two men had a conversation with a narcotics dealer only hours before he was killed.
TUVOK: As the Captain said, that proves nothing.
BAHRAT: I'm holding them for questioning. They are prime suspects.
JANEWAY: I want my security officer present during all interrogations.
BAHRAT: I'll take that into consideration. But make no mistake about this. Someone will serve fifty years of cryostatic suspension for that murder. If I were to let this go unpunished, it would be anarchy on this station within days.
JANEWAY: You make no mistake about this. I won't allow members of my crew to be condemned for a crime they did not commit.

[Station promenade]

(Janeway and Tuvok march past.)
NEELIX: This has gone too far. We have to go to Bahrat.
WIXIBAN: We'll end up in his cryostatic prison for decades.
NEELIX: Not if he agrees to my plan.
WIXIBAN: Your plan is crazy. It's worse than prison, it's a death sentence.
NEELIX: That would be better than living a lie. I'm going whether you do or not.
WIXIBAN: Neelix! We've been through too much together. I can't let you do this alone.

[Bahrat's office]

NEELIX: It was a type two Federation phaser that was used. It's on one of our shuttles. You can get it from our security officer to verify the energy signature.
BAHRAT: Which of you fired the weapon?
NEELIX: We were both involved in all aspects of the crime.
WIXIBAN: I was the one with the weapon, but I fired in self-defence.
NEELIX: So you see, Commander Chakotay and Lieutenant Paris are innocent.
BAHRAT: The punishment for trafficking in illicit substances is fifty years of cryostatic imprisonment.
NEELIX: Your cryostatic prison isn't a particularly effective deterrent, is it?
BAHRAT: It certainly is. There's very little narcotics trafficking that goes on here.
WIXIBAN: That's what you think. The Kolaati have made a fortune trading drugs here.
BAHRAT: I know everything that happens on this station.
NEELIX: Apparently not, since we were able to deliver narcotics to known criminals right under your nose.
WIXIBAN: They have ways of disabling your surveillance systems, masking your sensors, creating false visual signals. It happens almost every night.
BAHRAT: I'll put a stop to that.
NEELIX: Since you don't know how they do it, that might prove difficult. But we have a plan. The Kolaati want a sample of warp plasma from Voyager.
WIXIBAN: I'll arrange a meeting with them to deliver the plasma. When they arrive, we'll take them into custody.
BAHRAT: How do you plan to do that? You won't be able to carry weapons, and if they thought my men and I were near, they'd be gone in a second.
NEELIX: We have some ideas. If we are able to turn them over to you, will you agree not to charge us with a crime?
BAHRAT: It's no risk to me. You'll undoubtedly perish in this ridiculous scheme.
NEELIX: You'll have to provide us with a sample of warp plasma. I won't take any from Voyager.
BAHRAT: What I can give you won't be of the same quality.
NEELIX: Doesn't matter. We'll make do.
BAHRAT: All right, we'll try it. But I don't hold any hopes that you will survive.

[Space Station - Corridor 14L]

NEELIX: It's been over twenty minutes. Where are they?
WIXIBAN: I confirmed the time and place. They should be here. Maybe they've realised it's a trap? Maybe they're not going to show up?
NEELIX: Let's hope they do, or we will end up in Bahrat's prison.

[Bahrat's office]

(One moment Bahrat has them on surveillance, then next he is seeing an empty space.)
BAHRAT: It looks like someone's begun transmitting a false visual signal. My guess is they're about to come aboard. We'll give them five minutes, and then move in.

[Space Station - Corridor 14L]

(Three aliens approach.)
WIXIBAN: It's Tosin.
WIXIBAN: He's one of the most powerful Kolaati.
(Neelix presses a button on the plasma container, and they go to meet them.)
NEELIX: Good evening, gentlemen. My name is Neelix and I
TOSIN: The warp plasma, where is it?
WIXIBAN: It's right in here, Tosin, but first you must guarantee us
TOSIN: You'll live for today. No guarantees about tomorrow. Give me the plasma. Slowly.
(Neelix hands over the container, and Tosin scans it.)
TOSIN: Twenty parts per million isonucleic residue? This is contaminated. You promised me a pure sample.
NEELIX: It doesn't matter, because you're under arrest.
TOSIN: What?
NEELIX: I said, you're being taken into custody for smuggling contraband and narcotic substances. Very serious offences aboard this station, Mister Tosin. It's time you faced up to that.
TOSIN: (laughs) Little man, your days have ended.
NEELIX: I wouldn't fire that weapon if I were you. That plasma canister you're holding. I disengaged the safety nodes just as you came in. Even as we speak, warp plasma is leaking from it. This section of the station is filling with plasma particles. Fire your weapon and you'll set off an explosion that would undoubtedly kill us all.
WIXIBAN: He's telling the truth, Tosin. Don't do it.
NEELIX: And I wouldn't activate your transporter system, if I were you. The beam would also destabilize the plasma. Same effect. Boom.
TOSIN: Then you will die with me, little man.
NEELIX: No problem at all, if it means getting rid of an Orillian lung maggot like you. Go ahead. You'd be doing me a favour. I have nothing to lose. Fire away!
WIXIBAN: Neelix.
NEELIX: Shoot. What are you waiting for? Fire!
TOSIN: Re-engage the safety nodes.
BAHRAT: Don't bother. Put down your weapons. You're under arrest for violating station code four two seven nine, subsection beta three two five.
(One of Tosin's henchmen draws and fires his weapon at Bahrat.)
TOSIN: No! Don't!
(Everyone dives for cover as he ignites the green plasma particles and incinerates himself.)


NEELIX: I'm in sickbay?
EMH: Yes, Mister Neelix. You sustained third degree plasma burns and a moderate concussion, but my skills have prevented you from suffering permanent damage.
NEELIX: Thank you, Doctor.
TUVOK: One of the criminals was killed in the plasma explosion. The others have been taken into custody by Mister Bahrat.
KES: Chakotay and Tom were released.
NEELIX: Oh, good. And Wix?
TUVOK: Mister Wixiban was given his shuttle. He sent you his thanks before making a hasty departure.
(Janeway enters.)
JANEWAY: Would all of you excuse us, please? I'd like to talk to Neelix alone.
(Tuvok and Kes leave. The EMH goes to his office after receiving a Look.)
JANEWAY: Well, do you have anything to say for yourself?
NEELIX: Only that I'm terribly sorry.
JANEWAY: Oh. You're sorry. Is that supposed to make everything better? I don't really care whether you're sorry or not, Neelix. At this point it doesn't matter. I can't imagine what made you behave the way you did, lying to us, sneaking around behind our backs, covering up criminal activity. Did you have some misguided reason to think this was acceptable behaviour?
NEELIX: No, ma'am.
JANEWAY: You've been one of my most trusted advisors since we began this journey. How can I ever trust you again? How can I ever listen to you without wondering whether you're telling the truth or not?
NEELIX: I've never been dishonest to you before, I swear, Captain. I just took one step. A step that seemed perfectly reasonable. And that step lead to another and another, and before I knew what I was involved in something I didn't know how to handle.
JANEWAY: What was it? What was so important that you were willing to throw away your principles?
NEELIX: I needed a map.
NEELIX: Captain, my usefulness to you was at an end. I don't know anything about space beyond this point. I couldn't let you go into the Nekrit Expanse without knowing what you faced.
JANEWAY: You've been on this ship for two years. I'd think by now you'd have learned that the first duty of any Starfleet officer is the truth. You violated that duty, Neelix, and there will be consequences.
NEELIX: I'm prepared to leave the ship, Captain.
JANEWAY: Oh no, it's not that easy. You can't just walk away from your responsibilities just because you made a mistake. You're part of a family now. and you have obligations.
NEELIX: But, I can't guide you. I can't advise you. I don't know what's coming.
JANEWAY: Well, that's not the point, is it? None of us knows what's coming. That's what Starfleet is all about. We are all in this together, Neelix, and we have to be able to count on each other no matter how hard it gets. Do you understand?
NEELIX: Yes. Yes, I do.
JANEWAY: Well, that's good. Report to deuterium maintenance at oh four hundred tomorrow morning. You're going to spend the next two weeks scrubbing the exhaust manifolds. That should give you time to think about what I've said. Dismissed.

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