Forty - Seven

has a special place in the hearts of many die-hard Trekkers. It was started by Joe Menosky on TNG after his time at Pomona, and over the years it's regular occurrence in episodes has given it a cult status all of its own. Here are it's key vocal appearances in the Voyager episodes I have transcribed so far (and whatever visual instances I manage to spot) :-

Caretaker The interval between pulses of energy from the array to Ocampa decreased by 0.47 of a second
Parallax The EMH says he has been designed with the experience of 47 individual medical officers
Monitor input 47 is the Emergency Medical Holographic channel
Phage The gas infuser will keep Neelix alive for another 47 minutes
Emanations They discover the 247th element in the planetary rings
Cathexis Paris's mind was taken over by Chakotay for 1 minute 47 seconds
Learning Curve There are 47 reserve gel packs at the start of the story
Projections The holograms of the crew are stored in memory block 47 alpha
Elogium Shields fall to 47 percent.
Twisted Kim counts the warp core pressure through 47.
Non Sequitur Kim's office is located in the Main Complex, level six, subsection 47
Kim graduated from Starfleet on 47918
Cold Fire Suspiria should answer Tanis's signal within 47 hours
Resistance Kim recommends a heading of 219 mark 47
Prototype Automated unit 3947
Dreadnought Stardate 48447
Lifesigns The EMH has performed 347 medical examinations so far
Investigations Hogan's engineering security code is Omega 47
Deadlock Torres tried remodulating the conn frequency carrier five times on 47 different frequencies
347 Vidiians board Voyager
Resolutions Shields fall to 47 percent
Basics The EMH receives Paris' message on Vessel Schematic 4747 (thanks, Matt.)
Flashback Rand announces a hull breach on Deck 12, Section 47
The Chute Paris tells Pit that they killed 47 patrollers at Akritiri
False Profits The Rules of Acquisition have 47 commentaries.
Future's End The Hermosa Earthquake is in 2047
Rain's computer crash is Error 0047
SATCOM47 is used to search for Starling
Starling aims to penetrate the time rift at 96 mark 047
Q and the Grey Harry detects a second supernova at 217 mark 47
Macrocosm The EMH makes his way along vector 147 in the mine
Alter Ego Chakotay says shields down to 47 percent. (Sigh)
Fair Trade Biomimetic gel is transported in container L647X7
Bahrat arrests Tosin under Station code 4279 subsection B325
Unity Chakotay transports to module 47 omega on the Cube.
Rise Neelix get the mag-lev chamber speed up to 47 kilometres per hour. 
Before and After The photograph of Kes holding baby Andrew is taken on stardate 56947
The temporal variance of the chroniton torpedo is 1.47 microseconds.
Real Life The anomaly bears down on Voyager on heading 047 mark 19
Distant Origin Humans share 47 genetic markers with the Voth
Worst Case Scenario Insurrection Alpha is accessed 47 times by 33 different crewmembers.
Tuvok reopens the programme using security clearance Tuvok 4774.
Scorpion Species 8472
The EMH uses image enhancement 047 to demonstrate how the Borg assimilate, and what 8472 cells look like.
The Gift Seven accesses communications node 59S47B.
Annika Hansen was born on stardate 25479
Nemesis 4th and 7th Defence Contingents.
Scientific Method Hull breaches on decks 4 and 7 (amongst others).
Year of Hell Day 47 saw Torres and Kim trapped in a turbolift.
Seven discovers that the chronoton torpedo has a variance of 1.47, but we knew that already didn't we, children.
Concerning Flight Voyager's main computer processor has simultaneous access to 47 million data channels.
Tau's warehouse is 4.7 kilometres outside the city. 
Message in a Bottle  Voyager is at coordinates 18, mark 205, mark 47.
The Romulan Commander orders attack pattern beta 47.
Waking Moments Torres calls on Paris at seven forty.
The EMH's medical log is made on stardate
The Killing Game The Coeur de Lion takes 1247 francs on the Saturday night.
Auxiliary Systems 0470 is used to disable the Sickbay security field and the holo-emitters.
Demon Seven orders the transporter beam narrowed to point 4.7 terrahertz. 
One Seven orders nutitional supplement 14beta7.
Seven has the computer adjust course by point 3.47 seven degrees starboard.
Seven and the EMH diagnose the problem with vessel schematic 4747
Extreme Risk Torres ran her programme Zeta One for 47 seconds after the massacre.
Hope and Fear USS Dauntless was launched on 51472. 
Admiral Hayes said it had forty seven successful trial runs.
Night The alien is suffering cellular degradation of 13.47 with theta radiation levels from 253.47 to 809.47
Paris announces that Voyager is 47 seconds from the vortex.
Drone One assimilated 47 billion terraquads of information. 
Extreme Risk Torres ran holodeck programme Torres zeta one for 47 seconds after hearing about the massacre in the letter to Chakotay (Hunters)
In The Flesh Chakotay's service number is 47alpha 612. (and Boothby says it as forty seven, too)
Once Upon A Time Starfleet regulation 476-9. All away teams must report to the Bridge at least once every twenty four hours.
Timeless The Delta Flyer detects the USS Challenger approaching on a bearing of  184 mark 7.
Thirty Days The waterworld is governed by forty seven regional sovereigns. 
Infinite Regress Naomi knows all forty seven suborders of the Prime Directive. 
Gravity The time differential between Voyager and the planet is .4744 seconds per minute. According to Tuvok, that converts 30 minutes to two days, eleven hours, forty seven seconds. 
The Fight Micro Cellular Scan 407 on the Sickbay monitor. 
Someone To Watch Over Me Seven watched Tom and B'Elanna quarrelling on stardate 52647
Relativity The threshold of the H2 molecule is 14.7 electron volts. 
Warhead Interface 047 shows the smart bombs memory gaps.
Equinox Burke contacts his EMH via Subspace Comm Protocols 047.
Alice Kim tells Torres the power fluctuations are down to 4.7 percent.
Pathfinder The itinerant class B pulsar is at 227 by 41 mark 6. (How many permutations would you like with that?)
The travel tube outside Starfleet has sections 47 and 48 visible.
The wormhole is directed to Sector 41751
Fair Haven The anomaly has Borg classification 34792.
Tsunkatse Stardate 53447.2
Collective The pathogen is displayed on a Sickbay monitor as Micro-cellular Scan 407.
Unimatrix Zero The EMH monitors the mind meld on Neural/Synaptic Monitor 147
The assimilated away crew are monitored on Neural Circuitry Pattern 247
Nightingale Stardate 54274.7
Prophecy Klingon vessel type D7 (D=4th letter of the alphabet. Yes, it's a reach but there are so few references in these late seasons.)
Author, Author Seven monitors the time alloted for calls home at a console by Stellar cartography map 4733.
The EMH writes his log on stardate 54740.8, Janeway writes hers on 54748.6
Photons Be Free is programme 47Beta at the dilithium mine
Renaissance Man Fourier Analysis 714 on the Blue Danube music.
Endgame There are at least 47 Borg in the nebula when Voyager first arrives there. 

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