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Doctor Who was first broadcast on 23rd November 1963 on BBC1 and is still going, albeit in a different style to the original or Classic series.

The brainchild of the BBC, Doctor Who was intended as combination educational and entertaining series for children. In the beginning, historical stories were alternated with science fiction ones, but eventually this was dropped as the sci-fi were far more popular. Great names associated with Doctor Who include Verity Lambert, producer, and Terry Nation, writer and creator of the Daleks. They also attracted famous guest stars.
Many early episodes no longer exist in video form, but all are preserved in audio thanks to fans who taped the episodes as they were broadcast so they could enjoy them again and again.
In the early days of (British) television, drama was done effectively as a filmed play. Hence the long scenes, static speeches and few cutaways. Just like the original Star Trek.
There was an abortive attempt to bring Doctor who back in 1996, but it didn't gain support from the money men. However, Paul McGann did voice many audio adventures. Finally the BBC managed to screen a 'reimagined' version in 2005, with modern special effects and CGI. Such shows are, however, expensive, and the BBC is publically funded. So far, they have had to limit two years to just 4 Special episodes instead of the more standard 13 plus Christmas Special seasons. 

The new version of Doctor Who spawned two spin-off shows, both also created by Russell T Davis. Torchwood was an adult show with swearing and sex, whilst The Sarah Jane Adventures were far more wholesome and aimed squarely at teenagers.

In this section - Transcripts of the Classic episodes (up to the end of the Seventh Doctor), the Movie, BBC and Big Finish Audio adventures, and the New Who series from 2005 onwards (including selected webisodes), the Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood. Other Who related shows are starting to appear in the Extras section.

The Doctor (s):

 1. William Hartnell 1963 - 1966
 2. Patrick Troughton 1966 - 1969
 3. Jon Pertwee 1970 - 1974
 4. Tom Baker 1974 - 1981
 5. Peter Davison 1981 - 1984
 6. Colin Baker 1984 - 1986
 7. Sylvester McCoy 1987 - 1989
 8. Paul McGann (1996 movie + audio productions, and webisode)
8.5 John Hurt 2013
 9. Christopher Eccleston 2005
10. David Tennant 2005 - 2009
11. Matt Smith 2010 - 2013
12. Peter Capaldi 2014 

Principal Companions:

Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman 1963 - 1964
Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright 1963 - 1965
William Russell as Ian Chesterton 1963 - 1965
Maureen O'Brien as Vicki 1965
Adrienne Hill as Katarina 1965
Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom 1965
Peter Purves as Steven Taylor 1965 - 1966
Jackie Lane as Dodo (Dorothea) Chaplet 1966
Anneka Wills as Polly 1966 - 1967
Michael Craze as Ben Jackson 1966 - 1967
Fraser Hines as Jamie McCrimmon 1966 - 1969
Deborah Watling as Victoria Waterfield 1967 - 1968
Wendy Padbury as Zoe Heriot 1968 - 1969
Caroline John as Liz Shaw 1970
Katy Manning as Jo Grant 1971 - 1973
Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith 1973 - 1976
Ian Marter as Surgeon Lt Harry Sullivan, RN 1974 - 1975
Louise Jameson as Leela 1977 - 1978
Mary Tamm as Romana 1978
Lalla Ward as Romana 1979 - 1981
Matthew Waterhouse as Adric 1980 - 1982
Sarah Sutton as Nyssa 1981 - 1983
Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka 1981 - 1984
Mark Strickson as Turlough 1983 - 1984
Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown 1984 - 1986
Bonnie Langford as Melanie Bush 1986 - 1987
Sophie Aldred as Ace 1987 - 1989
Daphne Ashbrook as Doctor Grace Holloway 1996
Billie Piper as Rose Tyler 2005 - 2006
Bruno Langley as Adam Mitchell 2005
John Barrowman as Jack Harkness 2005
Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith 2006
Freema Ageyman as Martha Jones 2007
Catherine Tate as Donna Noble 2008
Karen Gillan as Amy Pond 2010 - 2012
Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams 2010 - 2012
Alex Kingston as River Song 2010 -
Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara Oswald 2012 -

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