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Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee

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Episode Name
Spearhead from Space AAA 3 Jan, 1970
Doctor Who and the Silurians BBB 31 Jan, 1970
The Ambassadors of Death CCC 21 Mar, 1970
Inferno DDD 9 May, 1970
Terror of the Autons EEE 2 Jan, 1971
The Mind of Evil FFF 30 Jan, 1971
The Claws of Axos GGG 13 Mar, 1971
Colony in Space HHH 10 Apr, 1971
The Daemons JJJ May 22, 1971
Day of the Daleks KKK 1 Jan, 1972
The Curse of Peladon MMM 29 Jan, 1972 
The Sea Devils LLL 26 Feb, 1972
The Mutants NNN 8 Apr, 1972
The Time Monster OOO 20 May, 1972
The Three Doctors RRR 30 Dec, 1972
Carnival of Monsters PPP 27 Jan, 1973
Frontier in Space QQQ 24 Feb, 1973
Planet of the Daleks SSS 7 Apr, 1973
The Green Death RRR 19 May, 1973
The Time Warrior UUU 15 Dec, 1973
The Paradise of Death (30th Anniversary story) Radio Drama 27 Aug 1993
Invasion of the Dinosaurs WWW 12 Jan, 1974
Death to the Daleks XXX 23 Feb, 1974
The Monster of Peladon YYY 23 Mar, 1974
Planet of the Spiders ZZZ 4 May, 1974

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